Native American Tribes

The pen has spoken and a response has been given. 
I am praying today on behalf of Native American Tribes who believe the Treaty has been violated by the pen. For what it is worth I agree with them. Hence, I pray. I ask you to pray too.

Father, I thank You for the opportunity to come to You on behalf of these precious souls we know as Native Americans. I ask You to aid them in legal and proper resistance to the works of the pen. I pray You will give them favor and means as You know is proper and good for them. And I dare not to fail to pray for the pen as well. I ask for the One who is the pen that he would soon learn better; that You would come to be the INK in his veins. Amen and amen Yeshua HaMashiach. 

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2 thoughts on “Native American Tribes

  1. Oh sister, these orders are getting ridiculous. My heart. / Father, have mercy. These many casualties and only a few days in are too great and because bad trees and can only bear bad fruit, we know this is motivated by evil. Drive every illegally installed one from the thrones they made for themselves and expose every money trail motive involved. Have mercy, Lord. And help these dear people resolve this with wisdom. Protect them from those who seek to eat up their flesh according to Your word, that their enemies be scattered, silenced, and all their plans fail against the innocent who are attacked w/o cause. In Jesus’ name, amen. / Father, help me keep my eyes on You and Your power to take down these mocking giants who oppress the peoples. / Thanks for sharing, so we can pray. God bless.

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