Building a Tower

Father, from what I can see with my limited vision and questionable information it seems to me the entire government is given over to the underworld and there is no stopping them except by Your Intervention. We, humans, are out of means and options. 
Any voice of reason that attempts to speak is voted to silence.
It has altogether become a tool for advancing wickedness.
As You are Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent I am asking You to please have mercy and bring this haughty bunch of rebels to an awakening of who they are and who You are.
They seem to be confused and in their confusion, they are causing much harm to people – even themselves and thousands of womb babies continue to be killed each week.
These Officials have no remorse, rather these killings are celebrated and applauded. Please bring an end to this I pray. 

You came to the Tower of Babel and ended that attempted overthrow and I am asking that You come do it again. I really hate what is happening here.
I figure You do too but I know Your patience, love, grace, kindness, and justice is perfect, mine is not. I see no benevolence left in the Government of these Un-United States; our only hope is in You. And so I trust You to do right by my asking for Your Intervention. I am so grateful for You. You are Perfect and Holy and do all things perfectly right. Thank You for continuing to love imperfect me. Amen Yeshua HaMashiach.

To Read from whereof I speak, click HERE.

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