Who Cares?

I am offering you a movie. If you choose to watch it.

Is this a spiritual movie? More than we might think on the surface.
Is it ever proper for GOD’s Children to be too busy, too occupied with making a living, too anything to be concerned about the advancement of evil, enslavement, and the demoralization of fellow humans?
Christian Leaders have said the mind is the battlefield.  Is it?
And if it is, and it is, why would Satan and his servants, not engage in thought manipulation?
If we know Scripture well, does that mean we need to know nothing more?

Even if you have to watch this movie in segments, I hope you will.
Finally, DOES GOD CARE about what is in this movie?

Here’s your LINK. to the DocumentaryMovie. 
When the window opens, scroll down and click the play arrow. 

For those of you who hang with this, thank you.
I am praying that GOD will save us.

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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