A Prayer For America

Will you join me? 

Father GOD, I am grateful You allow me to live here. I am grateful for the years America has been a tool in Your Hands to spread Your Gospel of Salvation. You know the many sins that have been committed in Her forming and since, and you know the acts of right and good that have been done. Nothing has escaped Your Notice.  
Only You LORD have the right to judge America because ONLY YOU know the full story, the full truth of America.  So, I pray for this Land of People, and of all the things I pray I desire to see the People of America repent of the sins we continue to do TODAY and surrender to You for forgiveness and correction of our ways.

I would like to see America survive as a free people.
Free to speak Your Name anywhere we are.
Free to worship You in public.

Free to publically pray in the Name of our Savior and LORD, Jesus the Christ, Yeshua HaMashiach.
Free to educate our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren according to Your Word. To be able to teach them truth and holiness without governmental interference, legal threats, and punishments. 

Free to work and do as YOU lead us with the wages we earn.
Free to do as YOU lead us with our savings, businesses, skills, talents, and accomplishments.
Free to go from place to place across this Land without passports and dictators telling us how we can move and have our being.
Freedom to breathe.
Freedom to obey Your Laws, Your Commandments without the government’s corrupting interference. 
Free to speak out against all things evil as recorded in Your Word.  And yes,
Free to choose to disobey YOU and thereby bear the consequences that automatically come sooner or later without the government trying to shield the disobedient from those consequences; even so far as to reward and applaud them.
Free to be honest, law-abiding citizens in this country having peace and tranquility with YOU and mankind.

These things I desire for the People of America. These petitions I bring to You in the company of these witnesses asking for Your Consideration and above all Your Will and that we Your children will thrive in Your Will, whatever it is for America. Amen and amen Yeshua HaMashiach.

For The Kingdom,

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