A Gas Opinion

The recent gas panic –  a panic attack indeed.

I term it a tool in the Hands of our Adversary fueled by the media to see just how much fear could be piped into us.

On good authority, I learned there was no real gas shortage.
That is not until fear mongers started the train rolling and frightened people jumped on board, headed to their local stations to buy more gas than they needed, and in hours all the gas in the pumps was sold.

The Distribution Tanks still had plenty of gas waiting for trucks to arrive and haul it to the stations.
However, the Powers that Be would have no part in telling us that; it would have spoiled their fun.

Fear of man, fear of things will NOT produce FAITH, PEACE, or CONTENTMENT – EVER!

But I dare not leave you even in an opinion piece without a word of encouragement.

What they mean for evil GOD is using for good; if we will cooperate with Him.

Every opportunity we have to scream, run, hide, and horde is equally an opportunity to experience GOD in His Goodness, His Love, and His inexhaustible ability to provide for His Children.

It’s our choice.

Until Next Time,