The LOFT – Breathe


One Word for 2016.

I’ve almost missed it (and I might still if I don’t hurry). Writing for the LOFTThe Loft on this subject I mean. The end of 2015 and beginning of 2016 found me so out-of-pocket and on the move that I admittedly did not settle and quiet myself long enough to hear a Word for 2016. But today 11 days in I have it!


DADDY GOD has such a sense of humor. 🙂

Breathe. We do it or die. No doubt there is much to learn this year, so I start with slow down and breathe. Slow down as I RUSH to meet the less than one hour closing window to link this post.  Perhaps at a slower pace I’ll have more to write about my word: Breathe. For now Breathe on me, Holy Spirit, breathe on me. Take thou my heart, cleanse every part, Holy Spirit, breathe on me. And as He does, I will breathe. For complete lyrics click HERE

Until Then ~ ~ ~ Kathie
Prayer requests welcomed. 

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