Guess What

Guess what.
An attitude of gratitude makes housework easier.

I’m not kidding. I proved it today.

There were floors to dust mop, toilets to clean, sinks, countertops, dishes to wash, laundry, cooking  – you know those endless tasks. Endless because we do them over and over again. And we can complain about it – a lot. 
But why?

Did not The LORD tell us whatever we put our hands to do, to do it for Him? 

Hey now, we can dust mop floors, clean counters, and all that other stuff already listed with a thankful heart.
Giving thanks that we can fellowship with JESUS while doing these things AND we can give thanks that we have floors and a roof and people on those floors, beneath that roof that we love.

AND we can train our children in the process (because yes they need to be taught to clean too). We can give praise out loud to our Gracious LORD as we work alongside those little ones – helping them with toys and clothes and whatever tasks they are ready to learn.  It will take holy practice for them and us! 

Believe it or not, Scripture does not say: cleanliness is next to godliness. However, if we look around at Creation we can easily see that our Creator is The GOD of orderliness, tidiness, etc. 

I really expect Heaven is beautiful, clean, and tidy. 
I think I best practice till I get there!   🙂

We were made for this,

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Before the day is Gone

Before this day is gone, I am here to bring you this Word-Picture from The WORD. 
And we could ask who does not want a life long and prosperous? 
And then we ask who is willing to do what brings a prosperous life?
And what kind of prosperity is Father offering us? 

We were made for this,

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I don’t often do this but I may grow into a habit. 

Some of you know I started a PAGE on the 20th of June entitled A Need to Pray.
Today I added to that page. 
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A Need to Pray.

We were made for this,

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Three Score and Ten

Luke 9. 

Are you ready?

23 Then to everyone he said, “If anyone wants to come after me, let him say ‘No’ to himself, take up his execution-stake (cross) daily and keep following me.
24 For whoever tries to save his own life will destroy it, but whoever destroys his life on my account will save it.  source 

There are various ways to die and most of those ways will kill you, all but one.


What was Yeshua saying in these verses? 
May I give you my KWT paraphrase? My understanding of it?

Verses 23 and 24 tell me that all people, myself included, who want to LIVE must die. We must die to doing this earthly Three Score and Ten our way; our carnal, depraved human nature way. 

If we want to live, really live here on planet earth and in eternity there is a decision that we must make now. 

let him say ‘No’ to himself, take up his execution-stake (cross) daily, and keep following me. 

If we hold on to our lives, if we refuse to surrender our day-to-day breathing in and out to The Messiah, we are going to die, not just once, but for eternity.
GOD does not lie. 

In the natural, we humans like to make our own decisions without any input from GOD.
i.e. We SAVE our lives for ourselves. 

How do we save our lives for ourselves? 
Let me be blunt.

We eat what we want. 
We drink what we want.
We copulate with who we want.
We hate who we want.
We refuse to forgive who we want. 
We take what we want even if we have not earned it.
We withhold truth and we put forth untruths.
And the list goes on  — the list is as long as there are sins to commit. 

Doing our own thing, living this earthly life as we please will, yes indeed, will destroy us.
It will destroy our body and soul in the here and now and march us right into hell when we draw our last breath. 

So what are we to do? 
How do we destroy our lives for JESUS sake? Verse 24

First, when Holy Spirit tells us we are hell-deserving sinners and we need a Saviour, we don’t argue with Him, we agree. We humbly and gratefully give thanks that He would even let us know that we need a Saviour and there is ONE ready, willing, and able to save us! From ourselves, from sin, and from hell.

Does that mean we will never do some of those things listed above and many of those not listed? 

But it does mean we will immensely enjoy saying NO to those things, more and more, day by day as we learn from and follow JESUS.
And one day when we see JESUS Face to face we will never have to fight sin again. 

We will be free for all eternity. 

If that appeals to you — excellent! You are on your way. 
If it doesn’t, I fear you have not yet met this JESUS who loves you enough to live and die and live forever for you.  
Holy Spirit, please favor those who are presently saving their lives for themselves, with conviction, grace, and faith to be saved from self-destruction.  Amen and amen.

We were made for this,

Please know your honest questions are welcome here, via comment or email.