July 6 already!

Always in a hurry. Hurry rarely comes from GOD. 
I know about hurry. Hurry and I are well acquainted. We are too acquainted. I am praying for distance from hurry.  

I can think of only one time YESHUA told someone to hurry. 
Do you know who? 

Just this one time I remember Him saying hurry.  Hurry and come down. 
It is good for us to HURRY to JESUS.  To make haste. To hurry to JESUS in repentance.  Like immediately when sin raises its ugly self and we see it poised to take hold, make haste and run to JESUS for help. Help to repent. Help to live free! 

It is good for us to hurry to JESUS, but when we get to Him, stay and walk with Him timely – walk as slow as He leads; let us take in all He says to us. 

Hurry is almost always a waste, except when it is running to JESUS.

Zacchaeus.   See Luke 19


One Day,

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