I think I am not here with anything substantial to say; I just wanted to say hello — it’s been a few days.

It’s late Saturday morning. 
Earlier this morning, we were privileged to host one of our sons-in-law (love) for breakfast – he was passing through town and took the time to stop to say hello.  And for sure I was not about to pass up an opportunity to feed him!
To have him seated at the table for biscuits and conversation gave me a smile that is still lasting. 

Please be encouraged to love on your families today.
May I also encourage you to be as hospitable to your family as you would be to a friend?  


May you know the joy of fellowship today.

34 After that, he brought them up to his house and set food in front of them; and he and his entire household celebrated their having come to trust in God.  source

Love, Kathie