I have been reading and editing myself here at The White Stone today. Many of you may not know, but posts date back here for a long time. Here at this WordPress platform, postings go back as far as 2007. However, some of those posts were actually written in 2004 (maybe some even in 2003).

I have read, I think, three of my posts from 2008 today.  One of those three actually a 2004 revisited in 2008.
Many of my posts back then I would give the time and weather conditions at the time of the writing in places like Al Asad, IQ. There was a reason for that – back then as a group we prayed for our Troops over there. One of those Troops was our beloved Tim. He’s home and retired from active Military Duty now. We are happy about that!

So! Would you like to read that old post? Maybe a couple of them?

The Guide

Crazy Little Chick

Strength to Worship March 17, 2004 and Today

That’s about it for this sitting.
It’s Monday and I have sheets to change. 🙂  If you read The Guide1 you will get that.

Love, Kathie 

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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