I’d like a brief word with you this evening from Matthew 13. I am calling our attention to verses 49 and 50. save-imageWhat do you see in these verses? Even what I see (Scholars would surely see more) is a lot for 2 verses.
One, do you see that this world as it is is not going to go on endlessly? There is a CLOSE OF THE AGE. Life, as we know it here, is going to end; not just for us individually but for the whole earth. If you ever doubted that – don’t anymore.
Two, there are real angels and they receive real commands from GOD to carry out as He speaks.
Three, there are evil people and those evil people have a destination.
Four, there are righteous people. The righteous people and the evil people are going to be separated.
Five, the evil people are going to a fiery furnace where they will wail and grind their teeth.
Six, if they wail and grind their teeth, they must have a mouth and teeth and if they have a mouth and teeth they must have a body, emotions, and senses. They must be REAL. Existing.

Seven. JESUS said this.

Can you think of any valid reason to not believe Him?

This particular passage does not tell us where the righteous people go.  Do you know?  See John 14:3-10 for some sweet, assuring comfort.


Love, Kathie