What Would I Do?

Daily writing prompt
How would you improve your community?

Community-banner.jpgThere is only one way to significantly and lastingly improve any community. 
As with most ventures, the subjects involved must willingly embrace the steps necessary to bring about the improvements. That is the real challenge – to get people to come out of their comfort zones and be willing to think and act differently. 

This can be done by compulsion when safety and security are believed to be in imminent jeopardy if they do not comply.  This was poignantly demonstrated just three years ago. 

The proper and honorable way to introduce improvements is to present the pros and cons of refusing and/or neglecting to embrace the proposed plan.
Reasonable people adhering to common sense will more likely than not then get on board if they perceive a favorable outcome with the proposed plan. 
However, there seems to be a sector of people who will not adhere to sound information no matter how well-researched and tried.

Thus in my opinion this is the uphill battle to be faced to bring real improvement to any community or situation. 

That being said the question for today is how would I improve my community.  

And my response?
By submitting myself to the necessary training to become bolder and yet, gentler, and more reasonable at what I am already doing: presenting The Gospel of JESUS CHRIST. 
When JESUS comes in by His Holy Spirit to the being of man, woman, or child, He brings everlasting improvement.

He enables people to live with integrity, become responsible, willing to work, unwilling to steal and defraud others and process real love for others – just all around improved and beneficial to others. 
This is my message — JESUS transforms people and transformed people improve communities. 

Yours Truly,

Servant of the Most High