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Pray With Me

Father GOD, there is no one we can with full confidence believe other than You.The world is filled with Liars and Opportunists – none of them can we safely trust.It is hard to live in this world of Sin. There was a time when life here was more desirable but corruption is abounding and there

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That’s the Plan

Fifteen days to flatten the curve (slow the spread) they said. That was on or about March 16, 2020. Today is November 22, 2020, and we are still under an unconstitutional mask mandate in too many States, and in two States, I think, the Emperors are already demanding another full lockdown.  It has been 252

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Satan Believes GOD

Have you considered that Satan believes GOD? (James 2:19)Satan heard GOD say to him that The Savior was coming and from that point, he began to incite people to kill people in hopes he would kill the Messiah before the Messiah could crush his head. (Genesis 3:15)Cain killed Abel. It was a start. (Genesis 4:8)

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