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Is That a Knock?

As evil as is the Democratic Party Platform. As evil as is the confessed mission of the BLM organization. As evil as is the will of Antifa. As evil as is Deep State. As evil as is all these and all other sins practiced here in America, these are not […]

Absolutely Comfortably Confident

Absolutes There are absolutes in our world and they are ALL related to The Creator GOD. These absolutes are HE HIMSELF and those things which He has decreed. From the Bible, many doctrines have been preached, discussed, and debated. One of those is the Calling Up of The Followers of […]

Until You Are Blue in the Face

I am here from my Facebook feed where I spent multiple minutes scrolling. We all have words and pictures to post. We all have opinions and avenues of thought we hold dear, but in the end, we are all just hashing and re-hashing the same fodder, and is it getting […]

Is This A Prelude?

This is raw  – if that will disappoint you, perhaps you might seriously consider skipping this edition of The White Stone. Papa, perhaps I talked too much today; even so, I am not pleased with this world we now live in. The distancing. The line to walk to enter a […]

Feeling, gooey, ooh

“Christmas is what this town is all about.”  “That’s what Christmas is all about.” And on goes the dialogue. You’ve heard it if you have watched any Christmas movies this year. I’ve watched more than my share – just ask my hubby.  I have not told him yet but I […]