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Absolutely Comfortably Confident

Absolutes There are absolutes in our world and they are ALL related to The Creator GOD. These absolutes are HE HIMSELF and those things which He has decreed. From the Bible, many doctrines have been preached, discussed, and debated. One of those is the Calling Up of The Followers of […]

And You Say?

Romans 4:3 says Abraham believed God. 3 For what saith the scripture? Abraham believed God, and it was counted unto him for righteousness.  source What if the Text read Abraham believed in GOD; is there a difference? If we could poll the masses, I think we would find that millions of […]

One Week

My Facebook post of several days ago read: I can’t afford to live angry or afraid – it makes me ill. I was serious. I am serious. And I am about to use a word that will shock some of you – don’t be, believe me, I’ve used more shocking […]


Question. Have you read Romans 1:21-32 lately? In verse 24, we dare not miss the word, Therefore.  I suppose, you like I, have heard it said when you see a therefore in Scripture, we must ask ourselves what it’s there for. So I do and I did. Verses 21, 22 […]