At times I tire of bringing strong, firm, and hard-to-publish posts here to this screen. Often I want to write something happy, funny, light, pleasant – you know easy to read things.
This one is not.
So we might as well get started.

We hear Sermons and watch “Biblical” movies (like tonight) and then sit for the wrap-up, numerating the stresses and woes of living here. Things like a financial loss.
Governmental interference and overreach.
Death of those we love.
Breaches of relationships, family.
Bad hair days. 
The list of things that bring us stress, pain, worry, wondering what shall we do, how shall this end?

And this is supposed to get people to sign up for salvation?
The message of these sermons and “Biblical” movies are so palatable to the average Joe and Sally: we have hurts and JESUS wants to make us all better.
We just need to believe, say a little prayer, and voi·​là we are saved.

Saved from what I am left asking?
The stresses and hurts of this world?

Is that what the Sinless Perfect Holy Holy Holy GOD of Creation came to earth incarnate to do?
Make our lives here comfortable?
Make us feel good about ourselves?

Please tell me where that is recorded in HOLY WRIT.

When are we going to preach and testify that JESUS came to save SINNERS, not just unhappy, troubled people?

When are we going, to tell the truth, that JESUS saves people who are broken, devastated over the revelation knowledge that has come to them that they are sinners, sinners who have SINNED against The Holy, Holy, Holy GOD of Eternity, and because of this are headed straight for hell?
When are we going to preach and testify that conversion, the re-birth, happens when an undone sinner is not worried about the job they lost or the trip they didn’t get to take, they are terrified of the hell their sin is sending them to?
And THEN they hear the glorious best news they have ever heard or ever shall hear: JESUS The CHRIST by HOLY SPIRIT reveals to them I, JESUS, YESHUA HAMASHIACH, I have taken your place!
You do not have to go to hell. Believest Thou This?

And by that time the repentant sinner is saying Yes. Yes. Yes.
Thank You. Thank You. I accept Your offer of forgiveness and redemption.
I accept Your Sacrificial death for me. Thank You. Thank You, LORD JESUS.

That my Friends is repentance and conversion.
That my Friends gets a person off the broad road to hell onto the narrow road headed for Heaven.

So it’s not light, it’s not funny, but it is the BEST NEWS A GUILTY SINNER has ever heard!
I should know — it’s the message I heard on November 18, 1975!
And I’ve never been the same!

I shall not leave you without Scripture.
Romans 3:23; 6:23; 1 Corinthians 6:9-11; Revelation 20:13-15


Love, Kathie 

On Call

flowersFromMyGirlsI think I shall be quick this morning — I am subject to call to the den at any moment. 🙂

Luke 15 

and the P’rushim and Torah-teachers kept grumbling.  source 

And the Pharisees and the Scribes kept grumbling. 

But the people kept gathering to YESHUA. Check out verse 1

But the Pharisees and Scribes –  Grumblers.
What a nasty habit!
Grumbling I mean. 
It is no profit for anyone. It helps no situation other than helping others see the condition of our hearts.
You see habitual grumblers are not thankful people – not praisers of GOD. 

BUT IF we KEEP GATHERING to JESUS we will be Praisers and not Grumblers. 

And then there is verse 7.

I tell you that in the same way, there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who turns to God from his sins than over ninety-nine righteous people who have no need to repent.  Source

The preaching of repentance (turn or burn) was/is the message of JESUS.

We need NOT forget it or refrain from speaking it — especially as the End is coming closer and closer.

But before I close this morning allow me to chat a little further with you concerning verse 7.
Why did JESUS say what He said there? We know from other passages of Scripture that there is not one of us righteous; that ALL of us must repent to see GOD.  (see Romans 3:10-11)
So, what did He mean? 

Here’s what I think: The Pharisees and Scribes who heard His parable considered themselves to be righteous; they considered themselves in no need of repentance. How foolish they were!  No rejoicing in Heaven over them. So very sad! 

It’s Thursday here! 

Love, Kathie

100% Accurate

536edc003037360670775bc0e56f9061Luke 2

Did you read it today?

Click HERE for convenient reading.

May I draw your attention to a few verses this evening?

Verse 2. the first of its kind
This was the first census. 
Requiring Mary to travel in the third trimester – a 90-mile trip. 
Do you wonder who was behind that idea? Do you know Who knew it was going to happen? Do you know there was a prophecy that Yeshua would be born in Bethlehem? And born in Bethlehem He was. GOD is always 100% accurate. (Micah 5:2)
In my experience, GOD uses things of this earthly journey (even the inconvenient, uncomfortable, and downright hard stuff) to move His people to the right place at the right time. Why! He can even use the stuff the devil initiates to flip back on the devil and turn it for our good. There’s a Scripture for that isn’t there? Romans 8:28

You will note in verse 6 that YESHUA was Mary’s FIRST child. She had other children after JESUS.

Verse 11. there was born for you a Deliverer
The angel said to the Shepherds born for you. Imagine being a shepherd and hearing that. FOR YOU.
But that was not all they heard: A DELIVERER.

They needed A DELIVERER.

So do we.
I think people today don’t believe that. They don’t believe they need A Deliverer.
A Deliverer from what, they might ask.

From what indeed!

How many things can you name from which THE DELIVERER has delivered you? 

Have a good evening, my Friends. 

Love, Kathie 

The Walking Dead

I think I was in a room once as The Walking Dead was airing on a TV screen.
I saw something — it has stayed with me. .jpeg 1 b

The things they come up with!
The Walking Dead.
I think Hollywood knows not that the walking dead is just what the world’s people are – walking, breathing in earth’s air, and yet dead.

Dead to living freed from sin and guilt.
Dead to knowing GOD.
Dead to connecting, affirming prayer.
Dead to living with Holy Spirit Guidance, Comfort, Strength, Encouragement, Correction, Help, COMPANY – all these heavenly things.
What’s worse some people walking around comatose are people who say they know GOD. Moreover, some of these say they love GOD, but viewing their style of living, we see no consistent yielding to Holy Spirit Guidance, Comfort, Strength, Encouragement, Correction, Help, and FELLOWSHIP.

Do you ever want to say: WAKE UP, PEOPLE?
Oh! I do!  To say:

Come to LIFE.
Come to Truth.
Come to JESUS.
Examine yourselves with Scripture.
Are you alive?
Or are you dead in your sins?
Are you walking dead or have you been made ALIVE?
Have you been freed from sin and been made acceptable by and to GOD HIMSELF?

10 For with the heart a person believes [in Christ as Savior] resulting in his justification [that is, being made righteous—being freed of the guilt of sin and made acceptable to God]; and with the mouth he acknowledges and confesses [his faith openly], resulting in and confirming [his] salvation.      source 

Daisies Closeup Picture | Free Photograph | Photos Public DomainLove, Kathie 

Glad Tidings

I heard today that as Disciples of Yeshua we are supposed to engage our culture and share His Gospel. 
Would you agree?

And if so, how do we engage this current culture?
AND does this current culture WANT us to engage them?

To engage today’s apart from Christ Culture we would be commanded to be truthful with them.
How likely is it for us to share the saving Gospel of JESUS with them if they see no need to be redeemed?
Redeemed from what they might say? 
Yet we know without the knowledge of sin, the conviction for sin, and the turning from sin to GOD  (repentance), no sinner is ever redeemed.  Romans 3:23-28

Moreover, we understand from Scripture that sinners must own their sins before they can have their sins transferred to JESUS and have His Righteousness imputed to them.  
How do we impart the Gospel to a Culture if that Culture refuses to contemplate their sins? 

So, how do we engage this anti-Christ culture?

Now, I am assuming that the majority of the people who come to The White Stone come because they are already in the Christian Culture – that is they know JESUS in salvation or are in the habit of going to a church service from time to time.
Which means I am again more or less preaching to the choir.
But just in case, my last question here today is for the Culture.

So, Choir, how do YOU engage this culture?

And, Culture, how do YOU want to be engaged?

Romans 10:13-15  American Standard Version 

13 for, Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. 
14 How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? 
15 and how shall they preach, except they be sent? even as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that bring glad tidings of good things!    source

No, BUT HE will accept His Best, His Son, in YOUR STEAD. 

Love, Kathie


Thinking this morning.
This started out as a Facebook post and grew to here. 

Have you realized JESUS The CHRIST is either GOD having come to earth in human flesh to communicate with us, to redeem us from our sins, and truly arose from the DEAD, or HE is the most corrupt, most EVIL, most VILE of all beings EVER?
And have you realized that The Bible is either the WORD of GOD or it is the vilest, most corrupt, insidious piece of writing ever put to paper?

You see my Friends, HE cannot be a good man, a good teacher, a good anything and say HE is GOD, and not be GOD.
The BIBLE cannot be a GOOD book and be filled with lies. It is either TRUTH or it isn’t.
And what if it is TRUTH and you regard it as lies, fables, fairy tales?
What then?
Or have you not read it enough to know what it says?
What if you really are called by GOD one day to give an account for believing or not believing JESUS and The Bible?  Romans 14:12

Where’s YOUR faith?
Does your faith say it is True or does your faith say all this is a lie?
Either position you take is FAITH, you see that don’t you?

You ARE relying on The Bible to either be true or to be a lie.
(Actually, you are staking your eternity on if the Bible is truth or lies.)

I am relying on it to be The Truth.
We both can’t be correct.
You do see that, don’t you?

16 All Scripture is God-breathed and is valuable for teaching the truth, convicting of sin, correcting faults and training in right living;     source 

Love, Kathie