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Books and More Books

Tuesday. Are you reading? What are you reading? Scripture?  That is your most important read — nothing and I do mean nothing compares to Scripture.  It’s the only Words recorded ALIVE.  While Scripture is imperative to life everlasting and peace here; other writings are helpful and some are just flat-out wholesome pleasure.  For Tuesday as

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A 180 Please

Did you read Mark 7? Did you see the Pharisees?  Did you notice what concerned them? Ceremonial washing of hands. Did you get the idea that just anything, anything would do to accuse YESHUA and His followers? I think things have not changed.  The LORD also addressed defilement with his Disciples. He made it clear

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Five O’clock

LORD willing I will be reading Mark 7 today. Will you? What’s your Go-To, Most Often Read Translation?  As my regular readers have likely deduced I write and the next day the post goes live.  Today, however, I have been wordier than usual, meaning I have already posted twice today (actually that is 3 times

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