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She’s a Miracle

The most encouraging message I have heard in a while now is this: GOD LOVES AMERICA and He is not going to let Her go to hell without a fight.  Certainly, He has not winked at Her sins and neither has He forgotten Her obedient acts of Righteousness when She […]

Baby Boomers

I have a video for you. I have much respect for us Baby Boomers at a particular part in this video. With tears brimming I am calling upon my brothers and sisters to tell you, we are needed; we are of more value right now to the Kingdom of GOD […]

Protecting One’s Domain

Do I have a treat for you today? My beloved has written a Word for us. I think you will like it. This morning as I was reading my daily devotion, a thought came to me which of all things came from my friendly four-footed creature, better known as my […]

Driving Miss Kathie

Do you know how thoughts settle in when you are riding along minding the view? Are you willing to take a test ride with me? Two major evil spirits have been loosed on America. FEAR and DEATH It is not that we have not earned them, even invited them. First, […]

So I Did

I am encouraged. People still read emails! Who knows. Maybe even blogs too!! In this no time to slow down world, we say give me a text, don’t bother to key out the words, the first letter of each will do; I can decipher it. I was convinced people don’t […]