An Open Letter

To my beloved family, friends, and readers who come to this page.

Why do I do some of the odd things I do?
Why am I quirkish about more than a couple of norms in this world?
Like coming up quickly what most call Easter.
I try to call it otherwise. It has taken some practice.

I prefer Resurrection Sunday.
I prefer Passover.
Why do I have no fondness or appreciation for easter eggs, hunts, and bunnies?
Chocolate — well, yes I like that a lot, but not bunnies, please.

Because – well because these are of NO benefit to the Kingdom of GOD and of no godly use to mankind, especially little boys and girls. Their lives are not enriched by baskets or eggs, hunts, or any such things. Children (people) need to be told the whole truth and nothing but the truth at all age-appropriate times.

The same with what has developed into Christmas. The Bible does not tell us to celebrate His Birth – we are told to celebrate His Resurrection and to look with hope and rejoicing for His Second Coming.

This is what our children must be taught or they are in grave danger of perishing forever.

Not that remembering and telling, again and again, the story of His birth is not important and needful – it is, but there is no holy reason for what goes on each year for three to four months.

What holidays do I like?

Although the stories we are told about the first Thanksgiving are just that, stories; even so, gathering to give thanks to GOD is excellent and should be a big day with family and friends, I think.
Feasting on good food, sharing funny stories, praying, laughing, and loving family and friends — oh yes let’s celebrate this big!

New Years
Yes! I enjoy it so much! It’s a time for prayer and hope for new beginnings, letting go of hurts, grudges, and failings, and moving on with JESUS to better living.
Oh, yes! I’m about that and the eating of wholesome, simple foods – that too!
Not for luck or any such pagan idea but for thanks to the Father for providing all our needs and even some of our wants in the coming year.

And some of the others . . . Except for Halloween!
What a damnable thing to celebrate – satan and his underworld of trickery, death, and destruction. How heinous can we get?
It has no place in me, no place in my life.

No place in Scripture have I seen a command from GOD for us to attempt to sanitize and redeem these pagan festivals.
On the contrary, Scripture contains plenty of celebrations, gatherings, and festivals for us to honor and enjoy; but those we as a people have ignored.
What a shame!

Yes, I am aware of the culture in which we live.

I am also mindful of this: We are indeed in this world but this world must NOT be in us!
Yet here in The West, I see the ways of the world in many people who profess that JESUS is their Savior.
These things ought not to be so!

So in a nutshell why am I odd, quirky, old-fashioned, straight-laced, and my favorite peculiar — just to name a few?

Well, my heart is just not into being anything but peculiar. 1 Peter 2:9

I hope you see it’s not a condescending stance.
It’s just me doing the best I know how to humble myself before GOD so He can transform me from a wretched sinner to a saint who can live with Him forever.

And in Light of all this, how could I be different?
I dare not for your sake and the Gospel, be different.

And why is it my constant plea that you daily read your Bible, chapter after chapter, book by book?
Because you cannot KNOW GOD without digesting The Word of GOD, The Bible, for yourself; and if you do not KNOW GOD you will surely perish.

So my beloveds, KNOW GOD so when I depart this earthly life, you may in time come to where I will be then.

KNOW GOD – it’s why I am here: to know GOD and to make Him known (to you).  Some Scripture Verses 

Are you 100% sure you KNOW HIM?
Not what people (or even I) have told you but what the Bible says?!

I think that’s it.
I think that’s what I wanted to say – so now you know I am not quirky and odd for any other reason than trying to please GOD before I please anyone else.
When I can please HIM and you at the same time, I am elated!  pleaseGOD

Love, Kathie
(and all those other names I am known as)

Did You Hear?

It is unlikely I think the majority of sermons presented in Christian Gatherings here in the West today were like the one I am about to load for you.
Even conservative (as so labeled) media did not tell us of these world events.

The sermon starts about 27 minutes into the recording.

Psalm 145:17-18

Love, Kathie 

Lets Go Fishing

People everywhere are too busy with the mundane to give attention to The Supreme – The Creator GOD.

I see people so in love with this world and all that glitters that they are blind to the Beauty of YESHUA, JESUS The CHRIST.
So blind, so dazzled, that IF they see any Jesus at all, it is the false Jesus that has no firmness, no power to transform them from darkness to Light.

People everywhere, breathing, walking, but dead – dead in their sins.

And then there is this.
How can people who say they know and love The Messiah be so flippant and nonchalant about people acting out abominations day after day? Are they walking dead as well while professing they have been made alive?

How can I say that you may ask?
By this dear one.

How can a soul who has been delivered from sin, death, hell, and the grave be so uncommitted as to watch another person sin away their temporal opportunity to circumvent hell, while they say that’s their choice – They have the right to live however they choose – It’s none of my business?

Where’s the burden for the lost?
Where’s the love that is willing to sacrifice comfort to pull another human being from a burning building and CERTAIN death?

ALL who have been redeemed – that is saved from sin, death, hell, and the grave did not our Savior say we would be fishers of men (mankind)?887175_orig
Do not real fishermen take fishing seriously?
Do they not gather all their equipment, go to the lake, river, creek, or ocean, and cast a line?
Do they not wait patiently?
Do they not coax that fish with all they got?
Do they not yearn to catch a fish?

Get the picture?

I have to come to this conclusion people who do not care what other people do and how they live, desperately need to find out if they themselves have been caught by The Savior?

So I must ask whether there is any movement in your being that is telling you, you need to be delivered from your sins?

If there is I urge you to ask GOD for mercy, get a Bible, and start reading NOW the Gospel according to JOHN.  Here let me give you a LINK to get started.

And to all who are certain of your Redeemer and your redemption, will you not at every prompting of Holy Spirit, cast some Bread on the water?

Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days. (KJV) Ecclesiastes 11:1

11 so is my word that goes out from my mouth —
it will not return to me unfulfilled;
but it will accomplish what I intend,
and cause to succeed what I sent it to do.”  source 
(as always read the whole chapter)

One more thing. See this picture?
What do you see?
J and I are curious. fishing-for-men

Psalm 145:17-18

Love, Kathie 

Snap it Up

img_8038I’m not responding at the venue I found this but I am compelled to address it.

Submission has become as bitter as bile in the mouths of those who do not understand this God-given gift and sadly for these there is no vision for unwrapping or embracing this holy privilege. It is to them an undesirable mystery.
I hope I can help.

For the woman of GOD, submission is non-negotiable.
GOD expects it of us. Actually, He commands it.
And we cannot do well as daughter to Him, wife to husband, and mother to children, without Biblical submission.   And this is the whole of the bitterness to the women of the world and to many women of professing Christian faith.  It’s Biblical and it boils down to TRUST – not a lack of trust in the husband but of GOD Himself. 

The means and principles of living submission deserve a lengthy unfolding.

I’m not here to do that today.

I am here to plant a seed hoping it will take root and cause every woman who happens upon this page to reap a holy harvest as she digs deep and long into Scripture meeting the GOD who loves her on every page.
Additionally, there are some well-researched resources available. I am in the process of reading one of those resources now. Here check it out. Link

I also read this one. 51AM5FAXDRL._SX309_BO1,204,203,200_

And because it is out of print, it’s costly for a book so small but so HUGE.
I do advise keeping it in mind and should you find a copy in your budget, snap it up.

Let me close with this.
Biblical Submission is first Vertical and then horizontal – GOD is the Author and Finisher of submission both for the wife and the husband.

And yes submission is for the husband too.
Did you know that?
Do you know to whom he is commanded to submit?
By the Way, it’s not the wife — Go WAY Higher!

I hope you will start a detailed study to discover the means and principles of Biblical Submission right away.

Love, Kathie


Daily writing prompt
How often do you say “no” to things that would interfere with your goals?


What are those? 
Do you mean those things you want to accomplish within a specific time? 
Those things you head to the other room to do and on the way there the dryer sounds that the permanent press clothes are done which will surely wrinkle if you don’t get them out right now so you make a quick turn to the left and soon you have forgotten why you were headed down the hall in the first place? Those kinds of goals? 

And you say we are supposed to follow through with these specific goals by saying no to other things. 
download - 2022-03-30T193527.660So that’s how that works.

Y’all have a sweet day, now.