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Urgent Prayer Request

The request comes through IDOK Beverly from a source she trusts. There are times when prayer request come to us via email that are either a hoax or have been circulating so long they are no longer relevant — that is not the case with this one.
Thank you IDOKs …. Kathie

Joyce writes: This is one I know is true because we know them. Greg works with his dad. So please include him in your prayers. His parents are in Germany with him now. He joined last year because his best friend, also a local boy, was killed and he went to “finish the job”. So sad. He’s only 20.

The original request:
Family and friends,
Please pray for Bradley Thomas, son of my co-worker Veronica and husband Rocky Thomas of Jones Creek. He is serving in the army and was badly wounded in Iraq yesterday (Friday morning – 1/31/08) after his Stryker hit a IUD. There was one fatality and other men were injured as well. He has wounds to his head/brain, broken bones and a blood clot in his leg that they are very concerned about. They can’t use blood thinners due to the head/brain injury. He is already in Germany and the neurosurgeon told the family that they have put Bradley into an induced coma to try help the brain begin to heal/stablize, they have Red Cross standing by to transport him stateside on Tuesday if everything is stable at that time. (He has been in Iraq less than one month.) Please, please, please pass this prayer request on to your churches, prayer-chain warriors, other friends and family. A million thanks.