I am giving thanks for snow today; not that I see much of it here in L.A. 

But all the same, snow. 

At this time of year and in certain movies snow is honored and nearly worshipped.
It seems to make all things alright.
It seems to be the thing that makes the season of Christmas, Christmas in the movies. 
The final touch, we might say.

If only people would let snow speak to them. 

Made of exquisite individual flakes. 

I have a link for you and I hope you will read it.
The Science of individual snowflakes is cause for awe of GOD our Creator. 

How do snowflakes form? Get the science behind snow

Would you please consider this with me? 
Yet each and every one of them is a six-sided snowflake. No two alike but all with the same makeup. 

Sound familiar? 
Humans. No two alike but all with the same makeup. 

At the center of each snowflake, as white and bright as they are, is a tiny particular of pollen or dust. 
The very center of the snowflake is not white at all. 

Neither are we at our centers, White.
We are dark and desperately need the WHITE (Righteousness) of JESUS CHRIST to make us fresh and new.
Shall we say like freshly created, untouched snow, glistening and bright?

O to be that! Untouched by sin. Clean, white as dazzling snow, and bright. 
We can be; we are IF we are IN CHRIST JESUS

I hope going forward when you are privileged to see snow you will remember what you have read here today and that you will be sure you have given that dust particular at the very core of you to JESUS and if not, that the very next time HE offers to make YOU whiter than SNOW that you immediately respond: YES!

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