Diffuse and Infuse — Bring it On!

IDOK DEVOTION FOR Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A quote from Beth (Moore) in our Stepping Up study: “He not only diffuses our past of all power to harm and haunt us but He infuses it with power to help others. Redemption is incomplete if our negative past is only diffused. Satan won’t be completely sorry and God won’t get all the glory until the bad is used for good.”
Psalm 130:7 NIV “O, ___________, put your hope in ME, the Lord, for with ME is unfailing love and with ME is full redemption.
Did you read that with your name in the blank? You should; that’s Father’s message to you today.
Exactly what does diffuse mean? I think I know but lets look it up. To spread over an area; scatter. I guess we could say spread it thin; too thin to be of formidable consequences. Who of us does not want our past diffused; so diffused that it is too thin to cause us any more harm and too thin to cause us any more grief? That is God’s desire for you — believe it!
And infuse?
1. To put into or introduce as if by pouring
2. To fill or cause to be filled with something
3. To steep or soak without boiling in order to extract soluble elements or active principles.
4. To flavor or scent (a liquid) by steeping ingredients in it:
5. To introduce (a solution) into the body through a vein for therapeutic purposes.

WOW! I like this! Yes, Holy Spirit do all this in us! And He has or else He is still in the process. He has been poured out for us and into us at Salvation. Yes, we are commanded and we are only doing well when we are FILLED with Him. Oh, yes; let us be steeped in the Water of the Word so the elements and principles of it be extracted and found in us. To flavor or scent; oh, don’t you like that? For us to take on the FLAVOR, SCENT of Christ. Wouldn’t that be glorious?! And look at # 5! The Blood of Jesus! NOTHING is more therapeutic!
So! Father desires to take our wretched pasts and INFUSE them with HIMSELF.
Beth went on to say: “Don’t think you have to tell every detail of your personal past for God to use it. Your absolute authenticity and humility in ministry is often enough to turn the agony into glory.”
Amen! Let’s have some agony turned into glory. That’s His Will for us and if we will ask, He will.
So the next time you sense that grief coming again for some sin you have long since ceased to do, immediately give Father permission to take that sin and use it to help someone else.
John 15: 7 If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you.
Father, we desire for You to diffuse our past and infuse it for Your Glory; we want to be so infused with You that the devil is sorry he messed with us – make it so Lord. Make it so in each of us. I pray for my IDOK sisters and brothers, inspire them today Lord to embrace this and expect You to perform it. Bring up that same expectation in me I pray.
We are here with these Lord; praying for Your Peace and Your Will to be done. We are praying too for our IDOK Troops; that You keep them safe today; safe in mind and body and spirit and that You bring them home, all of them, safe and sound. That you bring this war to a successful conclusion; that You Elect Your Choice as President; for the Peace of Israel; for Revival in America for Your Church to repent. Amen and Amen.

As I post this it is 45°F and mostly cloudy in Al Taji, IQ & the time there is 9:23 AM AST – on February 20, 2008

His Ministry to You

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