Overcoming Loneliness

I have ‘asked’ Sandra Drescher to share with us today. Overcoming Loneliness is recorded in her book Just Between God & Me. Zondervan Publishing House. 1977.

     After I discovered what causes loneliness, I began to think of ways to overcome it. By admitting loneliness, I was really saying, “I can’t think of anyone but myself.”
     Therefore, to overcome loneliness one must think of others. Ideas came to my mind such as baking something for a sick neighbor, sending a note of appreciation to a teacher, or just spending time talking to someone. After a few experiences of reaching out, I realized the truth of this cure. The joy of giving of myself to others took the lonely feelings away.

     Do for others what you want them to do for you (Matthew 7:12 LB).

     Lord, when I’m feeling lonely, help me to recognize my selfish attitude and get ride of it by doing something for someone else. Amen.

Please continue to pray for Jenny Biggs and Iris Ziglar. And as you are led pray for families, for husbands and fathers, mothers and children. The Enemy of Families is having a fiendish time these days.

Praying for These

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