Home Schooling

A dear friend sent the following information to me today and asked that I pass it along to others.

Are you interested in learning more about Classical Conversations?

Our mission is “to know God and to make Him known.”

Foundations and Essentials programs will be starting in the fall (for children K4-6th grade).

Challenge programs for junior/senior high may be available.

Information sessions will be held during the months of February and March:

–       February 18th @ 6:30, Mar’s Hill Cafe, 5025 Cottage Hill Rd., Mobile

–       February 19th @ 6:30, 8856 Shannon’s Mill Rd., Foley

–       March 5th @ 10:00, Mar’s Hill Cafe, 5025 Cottage Hill Rd., Mobile

–       March 5th @ 6:30, 8856 Shannon’s Mill Rd., Foley

Contact: Jordan Lee jordanllee@gmail.com to RSVP

Hope this is helpful!

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As We Go

I think I have only a quick word for our Friday time together. And I confess a major factor in that is it is 8:59 PM Thursday night as i begin to write. I’m way off my schedule but as I say to my Girls: ‘It’ll be okay’.  In fact I said it to Little Girl just yesterday. Some years ago when I said it to her, she in a loving, yet exasperated tone said, “I’m gonna have that written on your head stone!” To which I replied ‘That’ll be okay’.  It’s a sweet memory.  But on to other matters.

Luke 17:14 When He saw them, He said to them, “Go and show yourselves to the priests.” And as they were going, they were cleansed.

This is the account of the healing of the ten lepers. JESUS was on His way to Jerusalem passing between Samaria and Galilee and as He entered a village ten leprous men stood at a distance from Him and they cried out to Him, “JESUS, Master, have mercy on us!” (Luke 17:11-13).  And of course He did.

At some other time reading this Text I made a note in the margin of my Bible: ‘If they had refused to go they would not have been healed.’ 

I believe that. 

And I believe this: Some healings, particularly spiritual ones, like the breaking free of strongholds, requires that we walk an obedient path for some time (perhaps a long some time) before we see our healing.

Perhaps this is not a word that each of you need today, but to the one that it is — take heart, keep walking that obedient path He has laid out before you and as you go and keep on going those open wounds and sores will heal.

Praying for These

Thank You, LORD, that as we go with You and keep on going with You, we are healed. We bring our list of names, our IDOK Troops and all cares, our concerns, even our complaints and entrust them to You. We in faith proclaim and thank You for tending us so tenderly and faithfully. For taking care of us, watching and guiding and leading us. You are our Good Shepherd and we are the sheep of Your Pasture and we are grateful and pleased to be so. ABBA, thank You for each Dear One who gathers with us here to read and pray.  Thank You for inspecting us and healing us. As the weekend is before us I pray for our respective Pastors to minister Your Word faithfully and for we in our respective congregations to fail not to gather and worship You. I speak peace and a spirit of obedience over us in Your Holy and Blessed Name, LORD JESUS. Amen and amen.

Until Then + + +