Good Wednesday Morning my Friends.

This is a sad morning for the Deanes and Thompsons. My GRANDS’ beloved dog, Lily, died this morning. So prayers for grieving children would not be wasted on us.

I am borrowing a devotion from our Guidepost devotional calendar.  It is this morning’s reading. The Author is Alma Barkman.

“There were just two ladies ahead of me that day at the supermarket checkout aisle. The first had a shopping cart loaded top to bottom with groceries and household cleaning supplies.
Must have a family, I speculated as I watched her unload. (It’s a mental game I often play in waiting lines.) Big box of detergent–active outdoor kids. Prepackaged puddings, small boxes of juice, crackers and cheese–kids take lunches to school. A wide variety of salad makings–Mom diets. Choice cuts of beef–Dad barbeques. Tins of dog food–pampered pooch.
The old lady ahead of me was also watching the succession of boxes and cartons and bags that passed over the scanner. The total appeared, and the well-dressed woman reached into her leather handbag and took out her debit card. Meanwhile, the old woman was fumbling in her own purse for a crumpled slip of paper, which she smoothed out on the counter. I recognized it instantly as a coupon redeemable for ten percent off any grocery order over $100.  “Wait a minute!” she said to the woman who was about to pay. “I clipped this out of the weekly sale bill. Go ahead and use it. It could save you about fifteen dollars.”

“Why, uh, thank you. Thank you for your . . . generosity,” the recipient stammered.
“You’re most welcome,” the old woman replied cheerfully. “I pass on those coupons to other folks as often as I can.” Then, placing a head of cabbage, three potatoes, and a small bottle of cola on the checkout counter, she greeted the cashier brightly. “Hello there, sonny! I guess you better run a subtotal before you ring up that pop. I might just be a little short today.”

Father in Heaven, even though I may be “a little short today,” help me to maintain a generous spirit. Alma Barkman.

I am thinking that we are only poor when we refuse to be generous. 

Are you thinking that too?

ABBA, thank You for teaching us what generosity means. And in this time following last week’s storms and with friends, family and strangers so devastated, I pray for generous spirits in us all. You have made this ministry privy to many who are physically ill and others staring down tremendous fears and oppositions, we pray for them all, believing You are willing and able to help. We particularly  remember our IDOK Troops and Security Intelligence, praying for protection, revelation, wisdom and courage. Thank You for loving us. Thank You for saving us. Thank You for giving us eternal purpose and I pray we will be encouraged to follow hard after You today in JESUS Name.

Thank you for praying,

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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