Betty update

Just popping in on this fine Saturday afternoon hoping you are having a memorable Memorial Day weekend loving on your families and praising JESUS for those who have sacrificed so much for the freedoms we have in the blessed and privileged nation that we call our home away from HOME.

And secondly I want to give you the update on Betty that I just received, asking that you continue in your praying for Betty.

I am continuing to be grateful to be HIS Handmaiden,

Melinda’s update to you:

Good Saturday to all!
Betty sat in chair for two hours this morning and ate her breakfast while sitting up.  Eats with her left hand and so far, so good.  She will go to Patricia Neal Rehab on Monday. Her heart rate is down.  She is getting IV meds for her heart and antibiotics for the sinus, upper respiratory infection.
Please pray for her words to come and for her patience with therapy.  It will be hard for her.  Pray, too, for healing from her infection.  It is going to be a long haul for her and I am praying that the remainder of the clot will not damage her brain any more.
Love, and thanks, for all the concern and prayers!  We are grateful to God for you!

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