Opportunities to Succeed

Reviewing conversations and observations of the past 48 or so hours, push past it, came to mind.

It’s wise counsel.

In particular I was initially thinking of physical exertion and children. Have you notice how easily young ones give up when the physical exertion is not of their liking? Their poor little bodies tire out so easily and the concept of pushing past the ‘I’m done with this’ or ‘I want to be done with this’ or ‘this is boring’  or ‘I’m tired’ does not occur to them.

Little can be accomplished if we give up at the first twinge of

I don’t want to do this
I’m tired
This is too hard
This is boring
This is not my job
I didn’t make this mess
What’s the point
This hurts

And for sure the reasons to not push past it are as plenteous as the tasks. Let me rephrase that to ‘opportunities to succeed’. Opportunities to improve our physical endurance, to complete a put off chore,  to reach a new goal or perhaps a long-standing one. And lets broaden this to include relationships —  push past it and resolve old hurts, new hurts, unresolved issues, new issues — push past it.

Push past it.

Push past it for

new muscle tone in those arms
a stronger heart
better circulation in your extremities
a completed manuscript
a clean floor
another verse of Scripture memorized
a restored relationship

and the list goes on.

Romans 8:37 Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us.
via Romans 8:36-38 KJ21 – As it is written: “For Thy sake we – Bible Gateway.

Make it so, ABBA, that we will push past it and in You, LORD JESUS, we shall be more than conquerors. More than conquerors in all those things now resisting us from our flesh, the world and the enemy of our souls. Thank You, HOLY SPIRIT, for this word today and I pray for strength for each of us to apply it.  Remembering others too; Nick and Cindy for sure and troubled adults come to mind just now who are still children to Moms and Dads; ones so ill from disease and many other matters; things so beyond our understanding and beyond our ability to push past so we come for Your Strength and Your Wisdom and in JESUS we know we have all we need. Amen and

We have the God-given Right to do right in this wrong World,
Praying (PFT)!


I revealed to my beloved the other day that on any occasion that I might respond, “nothing”, should he ask me, “What’s going on in your mind.”, to just know that ‘nothing’ meant I’m not ready to tell you yet, because at NO Time is there nothing going on inside my head.  🙂

I said that to say this. This morning while loading towels into the washing machine tub an account in Scripture came to mind.  This one:

John 5: 8 “Get up,” Jesus told him, “pick up your mat and walk!”
9 Instantly the man got well, picked up his mat, and started to walk.

Now that day was the Sabbath,

via John 5:7-9 HCSB – “Sir,” the sick man answered, “I – Bible Gateway.

And the message is it’s a GOD thing to pick up after yourself — JESUS said so!  He did not tell the man to get up, walk and leave his mat for someone else to pick up.

So in a general way what is the will of GOD for me and for you today?

Get up, make your bed and walk for JESUS!

ABBA, I find humor in this as I do believe You have the greatest sense of humor in the Universe. I also see avenues of wise counsel in this simple account of what You did, LORD JESUS, for this lame man. And I am thinking, HOLY SPIRIT, that many of us are lame and You are saying to us get up, pick up after yourself, stop waiting on others to do for you what you can do, get up, make your bed and walk with ME today. I want to do that, ABBA. I want to pick up and not leave undone those things You have given me to do. So I pray that for me today and for every soul who will come here to pray in agreement with what You have spoken over us this morning. Thank You for each email subscriber and for each who just happens by; I pray our knowledge of You will mature and grow and our love for You will deepen today. And I am mindful in this moment of many needs, the health and wealth of Ones dear; not a soul who comes here to pray is without concerns, ABBA, for themselves and others. So I pray for Your Kind Attention to our hearts; first and foremost that we will choose to allow You to align our hearts with Yours, particularly about these matters we are bringing to You this morning and as You align our hearts, we wait in confidence to see You work miracles.  Thank You for loving us so much. Amen and

We have the God-given Right to do right in this wrong World,
Praying (PFT)!

Allow Me To Introduce

you to Bryan Daniels, a fellow Christian Brother in Blog Land.

I am still thinking about his post that I read last evening. It has been an instrument in the Hands of the HOLY SPIRIT to increase my praying faith and I’d like to share a portion of it with you and when you have read the following portion I am certain you will want to read the whole of it at Bryan’s blog address.

“If I am not convinced that God can accomplish my son’s salvation and prepare him for an apprehension of grace, what motivation for prayer is there?

This is a weighty privilege and responsibility for parents. Our supplications can be one of the many tiny levers that has helped set the great wheel of God’s sovereignty into motion for our child’s salvation. In prayer, we place our child’s destiny into the caring hands of the merciful Father, for God forbid these precious ones be left up to their own fallen devices.

I know there is tension and mystery on the subject of human responsibility and divine sovereignty. His sovereignty does not negate our responsibility, but rather should motivate and empower it. The God who can be trusted on as a loving Father, can also be depended on to carry out his purposes as a powerful King.

So I pray over my son every night. Standing on the undying promises of a King who can never be thwarted (Eph 1:11):

“God you make Josiah a man of God, You make him a man after Your own heart…You give him a heart of flesh to know You and fear You, and You save him by Your grace.” (Ezekiel 36:26-36).

I know without the Holy Spirit moving on his little heart he will have no inclination to repent and believe the gospel in his lifetime (Eph 2:3-5).

At the conclusion of our bedtime prayer Josiah looks up at me as I say “In Jesus Name.” And he always responds with a hearty drawn out, “Aaaaamen!!!” or, as the word means, ”So be it!”

A three year old knows his utter dependence on the Father’s mercy. Let us find that same childlike dependence in prayer, and our interceding and going and preaching will not be with vain appeals of man-centered movement, but with the Father’s blessing and divine power.

Bryan Daniels”



to be directed to Bryan’s post.

ABBA, I realize the corruption, the derogation and more that saturates the world-wide web and yet You and Your people can be found here setting forth Your Gospel.  Thank You. Thank You, ABBA, for allowing us to live in this generation.  And yet as I say that to You I am thinking okay since I am in this generation with all it’s corruption and media means to communicate, let me not fail to be faithful to embrace, even  seize, every avenue to present Your Gospel.  Thank You for calling us, allowing us, to be co-laborers with You. And as Bryan pointed out to me in some other messages he penned, before charging the public, let me, let us, pray and pray in our private closets until we hear clearly from You the way YOU want us to reach that One and Another with Your Gospel.  You are so AWESOME to allow us this relationship/fellowship with You. Thank You, DADDY GOD. And in this moment now I pray for all who come here to pray, that You will gift us and fill us with Faith. Faith to trust, faith to labor with You for the souls of man. For sure there are needs in the people who come here, if not themselves, for those they love and care for who have broken hearts and homes, sicknesses and diseases, lacks and wants and so I ask You, HOLY SPIRIT, to attend to each in Your own perfect way with love and grace, mercy, forgiveness healings, provisions and restoration. And, ABBA, I am mindful and grateful to bring this petition solely in and on the Merits of JESUS the CHRIST, my Savior. Amen and . . .

We have the God-given Right to do right in this wrong World,
Praying (PFT)!