Ray Stedman

I am directing you to the words of  Ray Stedman today.  To pique your interest this is just a portion of what he said:

“What will you be like if you are godlike? Will you be strong? Yes, of course. There is no strength like God’s strength. Will you be filled with power if you are godlike? Oh yes, but be careful. It is a different kind of power than the world desires. It is quieter, less apparent, but far mightier. Will you be happy if you are godlike? Oh yes, but a different kind of happiness than the world is seeking after. Will you be wise and kind? Of course, wiser and kinder than you have ever been before, because that is what God is.”

I’d like for you to click


and read the whole of it. The title is Be Godlike. It is worth the read.

ABBA, many things on my mind this morning, things to do and time slipping away; and more than that people with huge to them problems, troubles so big they don’t know what to do, hope is waning; HOLY SPIRIT, please help them hear You and believe You; help them trust You, help them live GODLIKE. I know, You know it is the only way to survive in this hostile world. Thank You for our IDOKs, each and every one of them, wherever they are in geography and wherever they are in fellowship with You, I pray for them to receive strength from You today; to receive hope, and, ABBA, those with sickness, disease and illnesses of every kind, please heal them. And we are mindful of others, we are remembering their names and faces in this moment, thank You for Your kind attention to them and their needs; and I am mindful, ABBA, that were it not for JESUS this prayer would be meaningless and unfruitful but because of Him You hear and You act. Amen and amen.

We have the God-given Right to do right in this wrong World,
Praying (PFT)!