It’s Thursday!


It’s Thursday and Thursday, until I became amiss, was/is World Evangelism Prayer Day for me. When I began the prayer project I would choose a place and pray for a month for the people of that location each Thursday. And so this morning, I realize afresh: It’s Thursday!

I looked at the map and thought how will I ever choose. Even closing my eyes and pointing didn’t seem to be the right plan.  I was familiar enough with the map right or left even with my eyes closed would not be THAT random.   So I closed my eyes, turned my back and reached over my shoulder – I’m not kidding. 🙂


Bamako, Mali in West Africa.


It is a troubled place and for sure prayer is needed. Perhaps you would join me today and for all of January’s Thursdays. I have two places for you to visit to see the needs and work in Bamako.  Click the link for the story:

Mali leader acknowledges extremists not foreigners

And for a story of ABBA’s grace and intervention please click the link below:

Mali coup strands church missions team

ABBA, thank You for making me aware of a place that I did not know existed. Thank You for the work that is being done there in JESUS name and thank You for protection and what You will yet do there to rescue people from evil now and forever. I pray for the people of Bamako that they will see The GREAT LIGHT and will escape the darkness of religion. Holy Spirit, I pray You will soften hearts to the Gospel and Your Message of repentance, forgiveness and eternal peace will be received. I pray You will raise up many prayer warriors to make a difference for JESUS sake in Bamako.

Blessings of Joy and Peace,

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