It is Sunday evening as I type these words. Our Soul Detox study is complete. Now what?

Where to now with THE WHITE STONE or more affectionately known by long time friends – IDOK Devotions?

Our Home page says THE WHITE STONE is A Gathering Place for Christian Devotions and Prayer. And so we are. Can we be more? Is there a need to be more? Is there a need to be less? Shall we ponder those a while?

A Bible exercise this morning. I trust you will play along. Please read the following (redacted for ease of reading) Text and list the similarities and differences then and today when we gather for corporate worship.

Nehemiah 8 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

1 all the people gathered with one accord in the open space in front of the Water Gate and asked ‘Ezra the Torah-teacher to bring the scroll of the Torah of Moshe, which Adonai had commanded Isra’el.
2 ‘Ezra the cohen brought the Torah before the assembly, which consisted of men, women and all children old enough to understand. It was the first day of the seventh month.
3 Facing the open space in front of the Water Gate, he read from it to the men, the women and the children who could understand from early morning until noon; and all the people listened attentively to the scroll of the Torah.
4 ‘Ezra the Torah-teacher stood on a wood platform which they had made for the purpose; beside him on his right stood . . . .
5 ‘Ezra opened the scroll where all the people could see him, because he was higher than all the people; when he opened it, all the people rose to their feet.
6 ‘Ezra blessed Adonai, the great God; and all the people answered, “Amen! Amen!” as they lifted up their hands, bowed their heads and fell prostrate before Adonai with their faces to the ground.
7 The Levites . . .  explained the Torah to the people, while the people remained in their places.
8 They read clearly from the scroll, in the Torah of God, translated it, and enabled them to understand the sense of what was being read.

via Neh 8 CJB;NASB – all the people gathered with one accord – Bible Gateway.

Blessings Friends + + +

ABBA, thank You for the privilege of reading Your Word and sharing it here in this forum. I pray we will have eager hearts to read, to hear, to pray and to obey. I pray for each one who gathers at this screen to read and to pray that, HOLY SPIRIT, You will encourage them, will give them answers to the questions they have and the quandaries they face; I pray You will strengthen them in their love for You and their trust in You. I pray You will heal their diseases and prosper their homes and their families as they seek You with their whole hearts — and me too, ABBA, in the Mighty Name of YESHUA, our Savior and coming King.  And in particular I pray for Leslie’s recovery and steady gaining of strength and practices for health; Kerri – always holding her up before You and Dylan too; Dori – she blesses me so, broaden her boundaries I pray; and I pray for those whose names I am not privy to but who are held close in the hearts of our Readers here; that You will make them whole, LORD JESUS. Amen and amen.

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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