Officers of the Court

Day 35 of 35 – Soul Detox

Romans 14:1-23


If you’re hurting all the time, you can’t help hurting other people, but if you will do what it takes to Biblically manage toxic relationships, then you can be strong and share the love of God to people who need to know Him. Strive to manage the toxic relationships in your life, and more importantly, strive to make sure you aren’t being the toxic one in your relationships.
What are some things you can to do to build healthier relationships in your life?

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And so our Soul Detox study together closes. However, I think if we are wise and if this study is to be perfected in us, we will continue to ponder the TEXTS we have read and the questions asked and the messages given.

Today’s TEXT addressed Judgment, using the word in my Translation six (6) times. And after this study today I am more firmly convinced that our society does not have a clear understanding of the word and it is inappropriately thrown around for the specific purpose of dismissing one’s responsibility before GOD and warding off corrective admonitions of Others.

The use of the word Judge in our TEXT today is this:

to preside over with the power of giving judicial decisions

via Krino – New Testament Greek Lexicon – King James Version.

What is a judicial decision?          An execution or acquittal.
And who makes judicial decisions?         One having the power and authority to carry out those decisions.

And when a human judge sits the bench and he gives a judicial decision to place the Offender in prison and the Police Officer comes and takes the guilty one away, do we say the Police Officer JUDGED the Offender?  I’ll leave that there for you to ponder the analogy.

But I will ask, who has the ultimate power and authority over man?
Who has the right to Execute or Acquit?
Who has the power and authority to open up hell and drop One in or open Heaven and welcome One in?
Who has the directive from GOD to warn and invite mankind respectively? (See Matthew 28:19-20.)

How did JESUS speak to the Woman taken in adultery? (See John 8:10-12.)

“Neither do I condemn you. Now go, and don’t sin any more.”

via John 8:10-12 CJB – Standing up, Yeshua said to her, – Bible Gateway.

Allow me to share an example of a communique that is NOT Judging: I don’t know the specific weapons the Evil One used to entice your flesh to commit adultery (or fill in any other sin); whatever they were I am sorry. I am sorry you did not see any other way; I am sorry you were overtaken by this. It is wrong. It is an evil choice you made. But I have great news!  You can be set free of it and forgiven. Based upon the Word of JESUS, if you will repent; if you will change your mind about this sin, and admit it is evil and a violation of GOD’s Holy Word, determining in your heart that you are willing to forsake this sin, He will forgive you and heal you; and the HOLY SPIRIT will help you never do it again.

That my sisters and brothers is what we need. You and me willing to love enslaved people enough to give them this GREAT NEWS! It is not our JUDGMENT. It is ABBA’s Judgment. We are merely given the privilege and responsibility of being Officers of His Court.

ABBA, this is a heavy ending to this study but I thank You for it. It helps me see and I pray it will help others see too. See that You do hate sin and that sin will eternally kill and destroy us if we do not repent and yet when we do repent You will forgive us, You will heal us and we will LIVE forever with You. Why am I so shy with speaking this glorious message? I pray for your mercy and forgiveness to repent of this and allow You to fill me with bold and holy love for people. And, ABBA, I pray this too for every sister and brother who joins me in agreement. Thank You again for this study, please seal it in our hearts and walk it out with our lips, our hands and our feet for JESUS name sake. Amen and amen.

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