Come, Inherit!

As we pray this morning please pray for Alyssa. She is 10 years old and has a veinous malformation or webbed vein mass. It is more serious than I have the vocabulary to describe to you. Mid month, Alyssa and her family will be traveling to be seen by a renown physician who treats these conditions. Alyssa’s grandmother is a treasured friend; she and I are asking you to pray.

Having yesterday finished reading Steve Biggs’ book, Beyond A Reasonable Doubt, this verse of Scripture is particularly sweet to me this morning.

34 “Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you whom my Father has blessed, take your inheritance, the Kingdom prepared for you from the founding of the world.

via Matthew 25 CJB;KJ21 – “The Kingdom of Heaven at that time – Bible Gateway.

How often do we allow the HOLY SPIRIT to remind us that from the beginning of time when GOD set to create a world that we could inhabit, HE was thinking of you (and me) and preparing for you (and me) a place and a means we could live with HIM forever?

Does not that warrant some meditating and praising today?

ABBA, thank You for being You; for the GOD of Wonder You are; for being unfathomable and yet in CHRIST JESUS not only being approachable but knowable, intimately knowable. Thank You. Thank You for planning for us from the beginning of time. Thank You for beginning and completing a world for us and entering that world to show us Yourself. Thank You.
And, ABBA, this morning we are thinking of Alyssa and her family – parents, grandparents, siblings, and the trauma of this season. I cannot get my mind around this even enough to form this prayer; only trust You to hold this family and heal this child. You know we have other cares too. Others to cast upon You and You have commanded us to do so; so we are. Kerri. A miracle is what I am asking for, ABBA. Terri. We praise You for the good report given yesterday. Thank You. But we are not done asking; so much more needed there with healing and restoration all around. The two mission trips: the people and their needs. Israel: peace and protection. America:Revival and repentance. And especially the people who gather in their respective places at this page, ABBA, special people to me and for them I ask blessings; for them to KNOW You well and intimately; for them to be highly favored with discernment and wisdom, with a deep understanding of Your Word and to be enabled to enlighten others; to be prayer warriors with me and to glorify You and make Your Name known in their corners of this world; to experience Your strength and provisions for every challenge and need they have; to be holy and happy in YESHUA today. And in all this, ABBA, thank You for loving us and being our GOD, our Creator, and our Coming King.



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