5 So too the tongue is a tiny part of the body, yet it boasts great things. . . . 9 With it we bless Adonai, the Father; and with it we curse people, who were made in the image of God. 10 Out of the same mouth come blessing and cursing! Brothers, it isn’t right for things to be this way.

via James 3 CJB;NASB – Not many of you should become teachers, – Bible Gateway.

Immediately upon reading and with it we curse people the probing, convicting question came: does that include me?
The flavor of the question was not do I curse people. Much to the contrary, the question was ‘Do I curse myself with my own words’?

I am well familiar with the answer. Are you?
And what shall we do about it?
And does it not seem rather humble to assess myself in the negative?
To be forthcoming with my perceived deficiencies? Nay, He says! Tiz putrid pride, my beloved, that you would condemn what He has purchased by His own Blood.

A centuries-old discipline was to wash the child’s mouth with soap when foul words were spoken.

I believe I experienced such discipline this morning.

I am a blessed and beloved child.  I have sisters and brothers, don’t I? 🙂

I could perhaps should, wait until Monday to post this as who knows I may have nothing to write for Monday; but, I’m not. 🙂

Happy Saturday, my Friends!

Be Hidden in CHRIST,

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