New and Old (again)


New and Old

Well, here we are – the last day of 2009.  Lord, willing we will wake up in the morning to a New Year.  A milestone often used to start again – a new diet, a new reading program, a new card ministry, a new visiting schedule, a new budget, and on and on we can go with ‘new’ things to start and that’s good.  Until the ‘new’ wears off.  And when the new wears off if something ‘old’ doesn’t kick in the pounds will not come off and the cards won’t get mailed and the visits won’t be made and the spending will continue as before and etc. etc. etc. And what’s the ‘old’ that is needed?  Persistent Praying Perseverance. I believe without this old standby we are sunk in doing any of these ‘news’ we fancy ourselves doing.

Ephesians 6: (New King James Version)  (source)

18 praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints—

But I’m not finish yet. Persistent Praying Perseverance is what we need to bring into this New Year to make it a successful one but there is one thing in particular we need to leave behind here in 2009 – un-forgiveness.   As I was reading and writing yesterday in my Jesus, 90 Days with the One and Only, a concept came to mind — Forgiveness is not designed by God to make us doormats, but Doors.  Doors for Him to come through and to touch, to change, to heal and yes to correct and even arrest bad behavior – but none of that will be accomplished if we perceive ‘forgiving’ as demoting us to a doormat.  Doormats take what is dumped and scraped and stomped into them and they just lay there – taking it, holding it and getting dirtier and dirtier and before long just plain worn out! Not so with Doors.  Doors have control.  They let in and they keep out. I believe that is what ABBA intends for us.  I believe that forgiveness is a grand and holy ‘door’ He offers us which allows us to let Him come into our lives and through our lives do great and mighty things. And it begins with forgiveness – He forgiving us and we receiving His forgiveness and we then forgiving others.  You see forgiving the unforgivable opens the door for ABBA to come and pick us up, to lift us up above the dirt of a doormat and enables us to control how we respond to what knocks on the door of our lives.  And in Him we can respond with holy dignity and heavenly discernment or in some cases not respond at all – just leave it to Him to do our talking for us.  Again, I say, doormats take what is dished out to them; doors open and close and holy doors open themselves to God and close themselves against sin and un-forgiveness.  Now please, please understand me here, forgiveness is not synonymous with fellowship.  Forgiving the unforgivable does not mean we ‘break bread’ with them, it just means we spiritually, emotionally and even physically (in a manner of speaking) deliver them to ABBA and let Him do as He pleases with them – we trust and we rest in ABBA that He will do what is right and whatever that is we say ‘amen’.

2 Corinthians 14 Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness? 15 And what accord has Christ with Belial? Or what part has a believer with an unbeliever?      (source)

That’s it. That’s my formula for 2010, be a Holy Door and not a doormat.  I am certain wrapped and tucked in that simple statement is the adventure of a lifetime, searching and discovering the unfathomable love and creativity and fun of the God who loves us and who will never fail us or forsake us or ask us to do anything that will devalue or harm us.  I love you and lets pray and I’ll see you in 2010 – January 4, 2010.

DADDY GOD, I am grateful for this simple statement that shouts and whispers volumes to me.  And I do, ABBA, want to be a holy door beginning today, I want to let You into every secret corner, compartment and crevice of my heart and mind and I want You, Holy Spirit, to sweep it clean, get out all the gunk and dirt out and polish and shine my heart and soul so You can do what You will with me.  I want You to be at home and comfortable and not in the least offended within me.  Amen and amen; make it so, Lord.

And, ABBA, we pray for every name spoken here, bless them with peace and hope and we pray each one will know they are loved unconditionally by You and You are worthy of their trust and devotion and in all this that You are meeting every need they have.  Please continue to keep our IDOK Troops safe and sound.  Please continue to move Israel to Peace and prosperity and the LAND that is theirs.  Please continue to have mercy on America, on Washington and those there, please continue to raise up people to shout and stand for what is right and take back this country for Jesus Name Sake.  ABBA, we pray for the overthrow of evil tyranny in this country.  We pray that terrorist of every sort and kind will be revealed and stopped and, ABBA, however You will have us enter into this work with You, give us courage and will to do it in the Mighty and Holy Name of Jesus Christ the Righteous. Amen and amen.