Take a Walk

Mulling over some thoughts this morning related to desiring to please; desiring to be consistently obedient, desiring to just do a better job of living out this Christian Life, I picked up my Bible and began to read aloud as I walked from room to room. It is my custom to continually keep a radio playing Christian music, at various volumes depending on the time of day or night, to bless the house. No I am not kidding; it works for me. So, I said to myself, if Christian music will bless a house, what would the reading of Scripture do?!! So I set out to find out – perhaps it will take more than one day to ascertain the full benefits; although I did enjoy myself I will say.

This is one of the Psalms I read.

146 Halleluyah!

Praise Adonai, my soul!
I will praise Adonai as long as I live.
I will sing praise to my God all my life.

Don’t put your trust in princes
or in mortals, who cannot help.
When they breathe their last, they return to dust;
on that very day all their plans are gone.

Happy is he whose help is Ya‘akov’s God,
whose hope is in Adonai his God.
He made heaven and earth,
the sea and everything in them;
he keeps faith forever.

He secures justice for the oppressed,
he gives food to the hungry.
Adonai sets prisoners free,
Adonai opens the eyes of the blind,
Adonai lifts up those who are bent over.
Adonai loves the righteous.
Adonai watches over strangers,
he sustains the fatherless and widows;
but the way of the wicked he twists.

10 Adonai will reign forever,
your God, Tziyon, through all generations.


I am an analyzer. It’s what I do. It’s a gift and curse – just ask my daughters. It is possible I have spoiled a movie or two with my analyzing. Enough said about that … 🙂 Moving on to Church.

I think something is missing in Corporate Worship in all the churches I am familiar.  Can you guess what I think in particular it is?  The Reading Aloud of The Word; not as part of the sermon, but just for the sheer joy of hearing it read. But not by just any Reader but one who treasures the Word, one who is passionate about Scripture, one who flat-out enjoys saying the Words.  I really think it would bring people to a place of worship.

And if it is good for the Church House; it’s good for my house and your house. Try it. Pick up your favorite translation and take a walk down the hall, through the den and into the kitchen reading ABBA’s love letter to you.  I think you will like it.

If you have a few more minutes, visit Beth’s Blog and check out this Responsive Reading click HERE. I can tell you from experience, there’s nothing like it when you have 15,000 women together hearing from the Father.

Thank You, ABBA, for again allowing us to gather here. And I pray that someone will be encouraged and that a seed of intense love for Your Word will take root in many hearts. I pray the sheer joy of hearing Your Word read aloud will take hold and that we the people will hear Your Word being read all around. You have promised that Your Word will not return void but will accomplish Your Purpose when You send it forth so we rely upon Your promise and ask to be co-laborers with You speaking Your Word around this world.  And because of this world in which we live there is no doubt some Readers have come here with burdens; for themselves or for others and so I pray Your Attention and Intervention over them for peace of mind and calmness of soul and for healing of bodies and minds and families. And we are mindful of the unrest here in America and around the world. We say to You that we are weary of all things political  and we pray for Your Will to come. And in it all we proclaim You are good and we trust You to bring truth and justice to completion in JESUS name.

If you are interested, another link: Reading Scripture aloud in my house

Forced Rest

It is late in the day for posting this, especially since I may not post tomorrow but perhaps some will read it today and others tomorrow. I hope so.

I think I have a better understanding of a practical purpose for the Sabbath.  Let me explain.

Friday (9.20.13) I made a simple awkward movement; the sharp stabbing pain immediately told me it was not good; but it was only for a moment and I went on with my business. However a slow-growing pain and stiffness made my business less enjoyable for the next several hours; and then by Saturday morning I was  — well let me just say giving birth to my daughters was more enjoyable; contractions do give you a break in between.  Aspirin and another much TV promoted product did little to nothing to combat the pain. Sunday came with minor and I do mean minor relief. I began a regime of large doses of ibuprofen and a cartilage building supplement as well as heat/cold pain patches applied every 8 hours.  Late into Sunday evening I began to think it might be okay if I lived. :)

Monday was a new world; still pain, still stiffness; but still a new world for me from Saturday and Sunday.  I rested and I rested and I rested. And that resting included sleeping – hours of it – day and night.  Then came Tuesday morning – better but still some serious stiffness and continuing reduced range of motion. More resting, more sleeping.

As I sit/recline to write this piece I am gratefully aware of my heat/cold patch and I am mindful that I will not be reclining at this angle for an extended period. But for some minutes I wanted to share a word or two with you. 

For more than a year now I have been dragging myself through my life on borrowed strength. Every day the same; tired and sleepy from morning till I fell into bed at night; all to begin again the next day.  I knew I needed rest but just how was I suppose to get it? Really? Our few days away was great and it had a ring of rest to it but there were places we wanted to see and there were trails to walk and waterfalls to ooh and aha over. And we did.  And then we came home to the same old grind.  And then . . . this!  A Forced Rest.

GOD knew better from the beginning. 

13 You have six days to labor and do all your work,

14 but the seventh day is a Shabbat for Adonai your God. On it you are not to do any kind of work — not you, your son or your daughter, not your male or female slave, not your ox, your donkey or any of your other livestock, and not the foreigner staying with you inside the gates to your property — so that your male and female servants can rest just as you do.

15 You are to remember that you were a slave in the land of Egypt, and Adonai your God brought you out from there with a strong hand and an outstretched arm. Therefore Adonai your God has ordered you to keep the day of Shabbat.


Egypt worked them 7 days a week, from can to can’t and beyond.  This world will work us the same with its activities, achievements and entertainments.  It is up to us who have been set free in CHRIST JESUS to say No I will not live that way. We can choose it or we can be blessed enough to be forced.  :)

JESUS, I truly prefer to say YESHUA but for the sake of my audience I most often say JESUS.  JESUS said:

Mark 2:Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

27 Then he said to them, “Shabbat was made for mankind, not mankind for Shabbat; 28 So the Son of Man is Lord even of Shabbat.”


In reading a Rabbi’s comment (I am not familiar with this Rabbi or teachings but)  I thought I’d share this comment here:

Shabbat is a covenant sign between G-d and His people of their relationship and sanctification.  . . .  welcome this appointed time created for us to reconnect and to be recreated[source]

I know for sure that Shabbat (Sabbath) however you choose to speak it is for reconnecting and recreation and we need it!! How you reconnect with Him and other relationships is for you and HE to decide I think and the re-creation of our souls is another choice that HE and you should make together.  At least that’s my paraphrasing. 

I’m still meditating on what a Shabbat should look like for me but this I know unless I want to wear out before my time I must observe this appointed time.  And for it to be on Sunday will take some planning; for you see Sunday as practiced now is the least restful of all days of the week at our house.  NO! I am not advocating staying home from Sunday School and  services but I am thinking some changes are in order. 

When you have had some moments to ponder this what changes could you make and would you consider it and would you consider sharing your thoughts with me?

Thank You ABBA ADONAI.  Thank You for this forced rest. And I know me well enough to know without Your help and reminders I will be before too long head long again into tiredness if You do not help me.  I don’t know what Shabbat should look like for this little Christian with only spiritual Jewish roots girl but this I know I want it to please You. So I pray my back will continue to heal; that my range of motion will become flexible again, even more than before; I pray for wisdom to exercise and sleep properly. I pray for the will to attend this ‘temple’ in ways that please You.  And I pray for means of reconnecting and re-creation that pleases You. I pray these things not just for me but for my family and friends. I pray You will forgive us for our pride and sin that has driven us to be proud of our busy-ness. I pray Your Church LORD JESUS will embrace that You are YESHUA and Your Feasts, Dress Rehearsals and Appointed Times are for us too and we are the losers when we refuse to learn, observe and give You proper reverence. Thank You ABBA ADONAI in JESUS name.



12 God, don’t distance yourself from me!
My God, hurry to help me!


These words were spoken by David (and penned) and if you read the preceding verses you will see him saying:

For you are my hope, Adonai Elohim,
in whom I have trusted since I was young.
From birth I have relied on you;
it was you who took me from my mother’s womb.

To many, I am an amazing example;
but you are strong protection for me.
My mouth is full of praise for you,
filled with your glory all day long.


You see even the most faithful in the course of living life have doubts and fears to process; even the most faithful need to be reminded, comforted and strengthened to move forward with ADONAI:

. . .  for God himself has said, “I will never fail you or abandon you.” 6 Therefore, we say with confidence,

Adonai is my helper; I will not be afraid —
what can a human being do to me?”


Be strong, be bold, don’t be afraid or frightened of them, for Adonai your God is going with you. He will neither fail you nor abandon you.”


And with this I say process those doubts and fears with His promise and YOU will make this day just fine, even better than fine – WELL.

Thank You, ABBA, our ADONAI. Thank You for encouragement and Your promise that You will never leave us or forsake us; and as to today with Your Help, we will do this day well to the glory of our Savior and Lord JESUS the CHRIST.  And in our doing well we entrust our family, our friends, our acquaintances as well as those who oppose us; we commend them to You for Your blessings, for healing, strengthening, forgiveness and grace, for whatever they need to bring them to peace and completion in JESUS. Amen and amen.


Perhaps it is not a direct quote but I got the message listening to a sermon today given by Max Lucado. He said it is better to shake your fist at GOD than turn your back on Him.

GOD is big enough that He can take our anger. It is we who cannot handle it. So His Word to us is go ahead unload on Him. You doubt me?  Read it for yourself.

psalms 55: 23 (22) Unload your burden on Adonai,
and he will sustain you.
He will never permit
the righteous to be moved. 

When we are honest enough to unload our anger, hurt, pain, fear, doubts, questions, needs, wants – whatever it is – when we unload on Him with an honest heart, He will sustain us!

So. Next time a bad attitude sneaks up on you, unload it on ABBA with an honest heart and in His grace He will adjust that attitude and you will be delighted with the results.  What do you have to lose? Like Max said it is better to shake your fist, than turn your back and walk away from the GOD who loves you.

But for my part, [Adonai,]
I put my trust in you. 


I will put my trust in Adonai even when it is Adonai that has hurt my feelings because He didn’t do what I wanted when I wanted.

Thank You, ABBA. That was a good message today. HOLY SPIRIT, help me remember it especially when I need it most. Thank You, ABBA ADONAI, for loving us always and forever and always doing what is best for us. In JESUS name we give You praise and in His name and in our hearts we bring people for healing, for restoration and reconciliation. And for each Reader I ask strength and courage to trust You in all things. Amen and amen.



Reflecting I think my family has not been celebratory people. Each day was in good part esteemed as any other day. Of course, Christmas Day there was a gathering for special foods and gift giving; Thanksgiving – turkey and dressing, green beans, cranberry sauce, for starters and perhaps a ham too; Easter – chicken and dressing and again perhaps a ham; birthdays would come and go with hardly a notice; Sunday was Sunday School, preaching, lunch, a nap or a ride in the truck, back to church for Training Union, preaching, home for roast beef sandwiches with mustard and Bonanza.  (Word on Google is that Bonanza aired for the first two years on Saturday night then moved to Sunday nights.)  Such ramblings this morning to get to my point.

I don’t recall us being a celebratory people as to certain days being high occasions. I’m not so sure that was good but I’ll not proceed too far down that road with you today.  What is done is done. What is to come can be anything we enlist ABBA’s help to make it.  The fact is ABBA is celebratory.  Want proof? How many Feasts – Festivals a year did He give to His people as HIS FEASTS?  Seven.  That’s a lot of celebrating.  And there are reasons. One: family. Celebrating with family is designed to promote love and harmony. The trouble is celebrating without GOD often brings disharmony and even hatefulness in families.  That is not ABBA’s will. Celebrating according to His Feasts fixes our hearts on His Messiah to the world –  we call Him JESUS. Some call Him YESHUA.


Unleavened Bread



Feasts of Trumpets

Day of Atonement

Feasts of Tabernacles


But celebrating is not limited only to His Feasts.  Look at a portion of Psalm 47 with me. I read every day celebrating! Do you?

(1) Clap your hands, all you peoples!
Shout to God with cries of joy!
(2) For Adonai ‘Elyon is awesome,
a great king over all the earth.


And further into the Psalm we read:

(6) Sing praises to God, sing praises!
Sing praises to our king, sing praises!
(7) For God is king of all the earth;
sing praises in a maskil.


For GOD is king of all the earth! Amen and amen. I can celebrate that! Not only can I celebrate, I can rest, be glad and KNOW I am secure since HE is KING!

Let the celebrating begin!!

Thank You ABBA. Teach me to be celebratory. Teach me to lead others to be celebratory. To celebrate You and what You have done for us and who You are making us to be in CHRIST JESUS. Thank You. I am remembering people in my heart today with doctor visits and petitions that You heal them of cancer; another grieving the loss of a beloved husband – she misses him so much; a parent with an estranged child – the hurt is so deep, we pray for reconciliation; and there are many more and Readers who come here, come with petitions of their own and so we collectively and individually bring our requests with our praise and we thank You in advance for Your Perfect answers in perfect time. Amen and amen.