Stinking Rich!

I watched a little television earlier today. One of those home shows. The kind with guests from various segments of the entertainment world, along with a guest or two less famous. Like a couple gals teaching we the audience to make cell phone covers that look like cake frosting with all sorts of goodies embedded in the ‘frosting’. I’m not kidding. And guess what? Similar cell phone covers if purchased from the store would cost up to $165.00. That’s what I said $165.00. But of course, with a small investment of time and supplies we can make them at home for a fraction of that cost.

Now I will readily admit I like nice things. My laptop and my cell phone are highly prized possessions. And a cell phone cover to protect that expensive, valuable little appliance – you betcha! I nearly choked when I paid $35.00 for that pink cover! I have since learned they can be had for a bit less.

As I continued to watch, I marveled at us. We are enthralled with things.  Do we ever have enough? And then came this:

8 And having food and raiment let us be therewith content.

via 1 Timothy 6:7-9 KJV;CJB – For we brought nothing into this world, – Bible Gateway.

As I said I like nice things and we have a few; compared to the places dear friends visited some months ago, we are all stinking rich! And that’s okay too as long as we have the wealth and the wealth doesn’t have us. You know what I mean?

Even so, I think I’ll be listening to the HOLY SPIRIT for some paring down that might be in order so I can enjoy more contentment.

Contentedly on this 28th day of 2014,


2 thoughts on “Stinking Rich!

  1. I fully agree we keep wanting more even when we have enough. We also need
    to think about how and on what we spend our time.

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