Sheep Killing Dog

Do you ever feel like a sheep killing dog when you think of family and friends with their many troubles and again you didn’t make that phone call that you think you should have made, and you sure didn’t get that visit in, and you haven’t taken a meal, and you haven’t sent a card, and you haven’t  . . .  you know what I mean? 

I am tired of living with this guilt that I’m never good enough nor do I ever do enough! At the same time I am refusing to latch hold of an excuse to be a slackard. (You have to go to the Urban Dictionary for the definition as it is a slang term. By the way if you see there the Ad for the movie Noah — don’t think I am recommending it. I’m not. Now GOD’s NOT Dead – that one I am recommending BIG TIME.) God’s Not Dead

I just want some balance here!

And I think I’ve found a way to arrive at that very place. I think it will take practice and I won’t be perfect at it but I am confident in time I will see pleasing results.

What is it?


This prayer: ABBA, I see the needs; there are so many people; even in just family and friends the number is too great for me to speak over every need, to do something for every one, every time. I know. YOU have not called me to meet every need, of every one, every day — that’s YOUR job. I am sorry I have taken on this guilt. Thank You for forgiving me and for giving me revelation. So this is my prayer, ABBA, that You will help me trust YOU to position me to be available to You for YOU in me to meet the needs YOU have ordained for me to address in this world – one by one, day by day. Okay. I’m ready. By Your Grace and in Your Grace I am ready. Thank You, ABBA. What a relief!  I know me well, not as well as You know me, but well enough that I will need a daily, more than daily reminder and I will need to pray this over and over so I will keep trusting You with this. Thank You, ADONAI. 

And speaking of the needs of family and friends, take a reading on my heart and mind and see there the many and move me to do what You have ordained for me to do and, ABBA, the rest, the stuff that only You can do, I trust You to do. For Heather and her family; for Janet and her family in holy grieving; for FBCS; for America and the huge need we have for repentance; for Israel, for protection, safety, discernment, wisdom to hold steady, and Peace, Your Peace; and each and every Reader who comes here with all their individual needs, questions, fears, hopes and dreams, help them lay them all out before You and wait for You to sort them out and return them to them with answers and solutions as You will. Thank You LORD JESUS for being our Savior and our ADONAI. 

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Day 94 of 2014, praying for revival in the Body of CHRIST.