A Glimpse

I finished it!

What on Earth is Heaven Like?

And I am recommending it to you. It will more than whet your appetite for HOME.

9 But, as the Tanakh says,
“No eye has seen, no ear has heard and no one’s heart has imagined all the things that God has prepared for those who love him.”

via 1 Corinthians 2:8-10 KJV;CJB – Which none of the princes of this world – Bible Gateway.

This verse of Scripture states that we have not imagined ALL the things ABBA has prepared for we who love Him. And for sure Janet Willis would be the first to testify to this truth; albeit, I am convinced that ABBA has given her a glimpse and I am thrilled she shared it with me! 

Believe me, YOU do NOT want to miss the New Jerusalem!  

ABBA, thank You. Thank You for what You have prepared for us and thank You for a glimpse and I pray now for any Reader who comes here and is not certain that You have prepared a place for them; I pray HOLY SPIRIT that You will make sure they know if they have eternal life or not. And I pray if they do not that they will not rest until they have repented of their sins and have received Your Great Salvation provided only through YESHUA – JESUS the CHRIST.  And, ABBA, I am now  thinking of Perry, You know she is loved by so many, and I am asking You to raise her up, to stabilize and set her in good medical standing, right away please. And then Janet and Steve, Ray Boy’s sudden death is a tremendous shock to them, to all the family and I pray for Your Sweet Peace and Comfort for each of them. I pray for each of us that our strength will be meet for our days and we will honor You and glorify Your Name.

Day 87 of 2014, praying for revival in the Body of CHRIST.


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And What Of?

Earlier this month I told you of a new friend; she said: “He corrected my thinking with Truth!” Click HERE to read the post. 

She has a book, available on-line (for free) and I’ve been reading it. What on Earth is Heaven Like.  Perhaps you would like to check it out HERE. I admire my new friend and her work; her diligence to study the Word inspires me to pray for such a hunger and thirst for ABBA and His Word for myself and others. 

And what of this place; this New Heaven and New Earth? 

12 as you wait for the Day of God and work to hasten its coming. That Day will bring on the destruction of the heavens by fire, and the elements will melt from the heat; 13 but we, following along with his promise, wait for new heavens and a new earth, in which righteousness will be at home.
14 Therefore, dear friends, as you look for these things, do everything you can to be found by him without spot or defect and at peace.

via 2 Peter 3:12-14 KJV;CJB – Looking for and hasting unto the coming – Bible Gateway.

And how can we hasten that day? And when will that day come? Do the research for yourself but Scholars have set forth that Yeshua will return in power to rule and reign when Israel says:

39 For I tell you, from now on, you will not see me again until you say, ‘Blessed is he who comes in the name of Adonai.’”

via Matthew 23 KJV;CJB – Then spake Jesus to the multitude, and – Bible Gateway.

And one of those Scholars? Click HERE. I hope you will visit the site and read. 

There is a future! And it is greater than we can even imagine. May our excitement and anticipation build and may we pray for the coming of ADONAI, welcomed by His chosen people. There is much work to do before that day; I hardly know how to take off in that direction, but I am comforted and encouraged that He knows the way.  Your prayers are welcomed. Blessings my Friends!

Day 86 of 2014, praying for revival in the Body of CHRIST.


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ABBA ADONAI, thank You for leading, I pray to follow more closely, more consistently, and more speedily; and I pray for enough others to get the job done to join You as well. ABBA, save America and tender the hearts of Your People to say Blessed is He who comes in the name of ADONAI.  

Nailing It Down

If the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD nails you a certain early morning – rejoice that HE loves you enough to do so!

March 25

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

Day 84 of 2014, praying for revival in the Body of CHRIST.


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Thank You, ABBA, for loving us enough to ‘nail us’ when we have sinned; thank You for loving us enough to correct us; thank You for loving us enough to show us a better way in JESUS name. 


Conflicts require folks to take a side, pick a group. Why do we do that to each other? 

4 What is causing all the quarrels and fights among you? Isn’t it your desires battling inside you?

via James 4 KJV;CJB – From whence come wars and fightings – Bible Gateway.

I am attaching a poorly crafted diagram that speaks a message; not one pleasant to give or receive and perhaps this platform is not even the best place to present it because perhaps you have no conflicts in your Local Assembly of the Body of Christ. We have been praying for revival in the Christian Church. Perhaps this diagram gives a reason (among others) why revival has not come … yet. 

Three Groups in the Church

ABBA, I am so sorry for these conflicts, please forgive me for being timid when I should have been bold and for being loud when I should have been quiet and help me now to discern the bold, the quiet and the loud appropriately. I pray for group A, group B and group C, for all of us to lay down our agendas and crucify our own flesh and not one another. I know You want different and better for every local gathering of The Body of Christ and I  am confident the ultimate reason we are not unified in love is because we have not surrendered to Your Lordship. I am so sorry. Please forgive us; please correct us. Please bless us with HOLY SPIRIT conviction of sin, of righteousness and of judgment to come. And I don’t know how to end this prayer, ABBA, we need You to help us repent. I pray we do in JESUS name. 

Day 80 of 2014, praying for revival in the Body of CHRIST.


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