What If?

Reading Proverbs 4 today. Click HERE to read all 27 verses. Let me go off the grid a bit this morning. 

6 Don’t abandon [wisdom]; then she will preserve you; love her, and she will protect you.  7 The beginning of wisdom is: get wisdom! And along with all your getting, get insight!  8 Cherish her, and she will exalt you; embrace her, and she will bring you honor;  9 she will give your head a garland of grace, bestow on you a crown of glory.”

via Proverbs 4 NASB;CJB – A Father’s Instruction – Hear, O – Bible Gateway.

The Father is giving instruction to the son, talking with him about wisdom. He uses words like she and her to describe wisdom. What if? What if this son, every son turned husband, were to make an application here and steadfastly stand by his bride, his wife,  to love, protect, cherish, and embrace her as the Father here instructs concerning wisdom — wouldn’t that be wisdom?!         🙂

And Daughters, turned wives, we are not off the hook, would not we do well to do the same? 

Just saying . . . 

A couple more verses and I’m finished for today . . . I think.

13 Hold fast to discipline, don’t let it go; guard it, for it is your life.
24 Keep crooked speech out of your mouth, banish deceit from your lips.

via Proverbs 4 NASB;CJB – A Father’s Instruction – Hear, O – Bible Gateway.

All things good accomplished on this planet require DISCIPLINE.  Don’t let it go; guard it, for it is your life. How plain can it be?

Speech. For sure discipline is needed here, the Father said KEEP. How do we keep, if we do not discipline? Keep crooked speech out of your mouth. What is crooked speech? What do you think it is? How’s this for a description?:


1. bent, angled or winding

2. set at an angle; not straight

3. deformed or contorted

4. dishonest or illegal

via crooked – definition of crooked by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia..

And to seal the deal BANISH deceit from your lips. Yep! that takes discipline. But obviously, the son (daughter) can do it or the Father would not command it.

Pretty simple, huh? this wisdom thing! What if? What if we obeyed?

Day 156 of 2014, a day to give Thanks.


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