It’s Thursday!

Okay. It’s Friday but it was Thursday when I started writing this.

Hmmm.  Not really a word but a sound – it’s the sound I just made.

Today is Thursday. 

Thursday for a time was World Evangelism Day for me. It was the day once a month a Place was chosen, I would research the place learning what I could on-line and then for a month on Thursdays I would pray for the people of that place. 

Today is Thursday.

And today I checked Blog Stats and in the Stats was a name. A name of a Place. Cameroon, Africa. A far away place from Lower Alabama but of interest to me and of all days – today. Thursday. 


Estimated population of Cameroon is over 22 million. See HERE.

This LINK provides much information about Cameroon.
Here’s an excerpt: Food in Daily Life. The sharing of cooked food is one of the major ways to cement social relationships and express the high value placed on human company. Sharing food and drink demonstrates hospitality and trust. Social support networks among kin and friends, particularly between country folk and their urban relatives, are held together symbolically with gifts of cooked and uncooked food. Read more:

Cameroonians have a variety of religious beliefs, and many individuals combine beliefs and practices of world religions with those of their own culture groups. Approximately 53 percent of the population are members of Christian denominations, about 25 percent practice mainly “traditional” religions, and approximately 22 percent are Muslim. Most Christians live in the southern areas, and most Muslims in the north. Christian missions constituted an informal second layer of colonialism. Read more:

 So what do I pray? I’m not sure … yet. But pray I must. 🙂  Join me if you like. 

Day 164 of 2014, a day to give Thanks.  Kathie 

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