Luke 8 

Verse 56. Sometimes Silence is obedience. 
I hope you will read the account in Luke 8 to see if you agree. 

The parable of the Sower is recorded and explained in Luke 8
Please check it and see where you are with it: birds, rocks, weeds, fertile ground?

And at the beginning of the chapter, I noticed not just poor people followed YESHUA.
Some wealthy women believed and contributed to the needs of spreading the Gospel. 

And then there was the account in verses 22-25.
YESHUA and His disciples, at His prompting, board a boat to cross the lake to the other side.
YESHUA goes to sleep. He takes a nap. I am thinking His physical body with its limitations was tired or perhaps there was another reason for His nap. Maybe He will tell me one day. 
So He is asleep and a storm comes down upon the lake. The Boys are terrified. 
They say: 

 24 They went and woke him, saying, “Rabbi! Rabbi! We’re about to die!” He woke up, rebuked the wind and the rough water; and they calmed down, so that it was still. source

I think we can coin the phrase The Boys were scared to death. What did JESUS say? 

25 Then he said to the talmidim, “Where is your trust?” Awestruck, they marveled, asking one another, “Who can this be, that he commands even the wind and the water, and they obey him?”  source 

How about a little KWT paraphrasing?

He said:

“Where is your trust?”

Could we understand Him to say: ‘Do you only trust Me when you see Me actively doing or do you simply Trust Me?’

Do we only trust The LORD when we SEE Him working? When we SEE Him doing what we want Him to do?
But when He seems to be asleep, inactive, not responsive, and not awake to our needs and wants, are we really trusting Him?

Where is your trust?

It’s a valid question — we all must answer.

One more and I’ll leave the rest for you to explore.

Verses 26-31.
YESHUA had/has the AUTHORITY to send demons to the bottomless pit.
Bottomless – I think it has to be for the number of occupants that will be there one day.

And please notice in those verses the demons KNOW they deserve torture.
They deserve the bottomless pit, the Abyss, the Lake of Fire (whatever term is used in the Text) and they know they belong there. People need to know and accept the same – apart from repentance torment is earned.

The demons cannot repent.
That’s really GOOD NEWS. 
We need to spread it around. 

Well, I shall now get on with this Thursday.  Sweet-Thursday

Love, Kathie

Boat Rental

It is late as I sit to write so I plan to be quick.

Luke 5.

I am about to say something that is so obvious that it sounds stupid to say it but I’m saying it anyway. 

YESHUA is so smart!

Think about the most intelligent man you know; the wisest, just so brilliant! — he is dumber than dirt compared to JESUS.

Verses 1-3 
The people were crowding The LORD to hear The WORD of the LORD. Pressing in they were. YESHUA saw two boats on the beach. He requested permission to board, told Simon Peter to put out a little way and from there He taught the people. Pressing problem solved. 

Acoustics! From the boat with water all around, all the people could hear Him. 

And then. Some more KWT paraphrasing. 

YESHUA paid boat rental!

Don’t you see it?  Look at verses 4 and 5. 
YESHUA told Peter to launch out and put down the nets. Peter said we did that all night and caught nothing but since you say so I will. 

Oh, what a haul of fish they got!

Like I said boat rental!
And an invitation to Peter to believe. He did!

Please notice with me that the GODMAN is truly GOD and truly the perfect Man. 
Smart. Intelligent. Kind. Considerate. Honest. Caring. THE ONLY PERFECT MAN!
To any seeking fallen human, meeting YESHUA was the greatest happening in their life. 
Still is! 
There is NO ONE like HIM.
To know Him is to love Him. 

Do you? 


Love, Kathie 

Warm &Wonderful

Luke 3

I am bringing a little KWT paraphrasing to you today. 

Click HERE for a convenient read of  Luke 3.

Verse 3There must be a turning TO GOD from sin for a person to be forgiven. Without repentance, there is NO forgiveness. 

Verse 8 John speaking to the people of Israel. Don’t even try to fool yourselves or anyone else, if you have really turned from your sins, you will produce fruit that proves it. 

Verse 9 People who profess they have turned from their sins but do not produce fruit that proves their repentance are still lost and will be going to hell. 

Verse 21 – Yeshua had been operating in faith (as He did His whole time here on earth) for all those years up to the time of this verse, for The Father to say what He said aloud to Him must have been warm and wonderful to His Perfect Human Ears.
To hear GOD the Father say: “You are My SON, whom I love, I am well pleased with You.”
I hope you will ponder this. Think about what it meant to JESUS, The GODMAN, living here on this sin-cursed planet by FAITH, reading the Tanakh, and living in obedience to what He read and to HEAR His Father’s Voice – aloud in His ears! 
How wonderful is that?!!

Happy Saturday, My Friends!

Love, Kathie 

Taking It Personally

Personalizing Scripture. 
Some folks frown upon it. I’m not one of those.
Albeit, some passages of Scripture do not lend themselves to personalizing, but Psalm 23. That one I have taken personally. 

And so this morning, I’d like to share with you my own personal personalizing of Psalm 23.

It is as follows:

You, O LORD GOD, are my Shepherd and because You are I lack nothing.
You provide for me. You provide rest and food. You nourish me. 

You make sure I have what is needed for this life in the here and now and to Come. 
You give me quiet water. Water – vital, essential water. Quiet, not rushing, not stagnant, not diseased but wholesome and quiet – just right for me.

You restore the inner me. The place where I really am. You guide me.
Oh, what a thought. YOU, GOD of the universe.  YOU guide me. 

You guide me in right paths. Not wrong turns. Not futile places. But RIGHT Places. Why?
Because You have character that You uphold. You are faithful and You prove faithful ALWAYS. 
Your very Name is at stake with how You deal with me.
By Your very own character and Name, You assure that Your dealings with me are Who You Are. 

Even in this, even when I come to death-threatening, dark, deep places You are with me. Even if I came to these places by unintentionally wandering off the path, You are still faithful to me.
And so I WILL fear no disaster in these places because YOU ARE WITH ME.
(oh help me truly WILL this.)

Your rod and staff reassure me. Your correction, Your Discipline, and Your refusal to leave me in sin reassures me that You really are MY Shepherd. 

You prepare a table for me – a table, a place of nourishment, of communion, of strengthening, of fellowship — even as demons watch, even as those who do the will of demons watch. They watch while You take care of me!
They watch as you anoint my head to remove and heal my hurts, my bumps, and bruises, my thoughts, and things that would harm me.
They watch as YOU groom, tend, and mature me. So amazing! 

Such knowledge overflows me. My cup is full – overflowingly full of YOUR goodness and faithfulness to ME. 

Because of all Your goodness and Your grace to me, I will surely live in Your House, O LORD, for years to come – forever. 


There is more. There is always more we could say about HIM and His goodness and grace and kindness – His watch care over us, His needy sheep! 


I encourage you, where appropriate, to take it PERSONALLY. 

Now, time scheduling and efficiency would tell me to save this post and schedule it for tomorrow (as I may not write again today, for tomorrow) but I’m not. 
I’m not because frankly, I just don’t want to wait. I want you to have this today! 

Love, Kathie 

Easy Sunday

Ephesians 2

It’s a chapter to be read with keen awareness and devoted appreciation. 
Oh, how I would love to read it aloud to you with all the passion and thankfulness that washes over me. 

I paraphrased the first two verses. 
Would you like to see them?

Ephesians 1: 1 I used to be dead because of my sins and acts of disobedience. 2  I walked in the ways of the world and obeyed the Ruler of the Powers of the Air, who is still at work among the disobedient.  original source 

The chapter goes on to say we all used to live this way; this natural, old nature with which we were born BUT GOD in His mercy and grace came and offered us more than just this natural sin-cursed life. He offered us through The Messiah Yeshua deliverance from sin, death, hell, and the grave. 

Not many in comparison have said yes. 
Have you? 

It’s been a quiet Sunday here at our lovely abode; these PJs sure are comfy.

Ephesians 2