Something Funny

Time to visit The Loft. the-loftAnd this week’s challenge is Something Funny. I say challenge because I do not consider myself to be funny; not that I have not on more than a few occasions given a few folks a good laugh. 🙂     Even the HOLY SPIRIT told me one day that I needed to loosen up and have some Holy Fun. I kid you not!

However, I can direct you to funny. His name is Joe. Joe McGee. He cracks me up in a holy way. Here take a listen.

Want more? There’s enough for all day, click HERE

That’s it folks. This is me being funny! I hope you laugh enough to get those endorphins so stirred up that you will feel good all day!  

Day 237 of 2014, a day to give Thanks,

5 Replies to “Something Funny”

  1. That is so funny! Isn’t that what we do, too as parents? “Oh, you’re going to enjoy this. I don’t care if you puke your guts out, you are riding everything in here!” {Spoken by a native Floridian who visited Disney World many times growing up} Too funny!


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