Make us Tender and Bold

I’ve had this song on my mind since Sunday.  As we listen, it is my sincerest hope that the words of this old hymn will captivate our hearts with renewed tenderness and infuse our souls with holy boldness. 

Day 113 of 2015 ~ Any move of GOD begins with His people faithfully praying ~~~ Kathie

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Spring Break and Gang Rape

I’m not sure where to air this. I thought of a Facebook status; but it is way long for that.  So I suppose here at The White Stone is my most logical venue. Reader beware. 🙂

Spring Break. Sexual assault. Gang rape.

Perhaps you have seen the media coverage as I have. Perhaps you have personal opinions. I do. Perhaps you are interested. Perhaps not. And if not, may I suggest you cease now to read my offering. There is a chance if you continue reading you will blush red, perhaps with anger.

Even if a woman walks stark naked on the beach she should be in NO danger of rape or sexual assault, verbal or physical. All specimens of the male gender are solely responsible for their own evil behaviors! And to assault or rape a female however she is dressed or not dressed is evil! Period the end!

But I’m not finished.

Females everywhere. But particularly females of Christian Faith. We live on a sin cursed planet filled with people with evil hearts and because of that is it not foolish, evil even, to walk around, sun bath, swim, you name it with only a quarter of an inch of fabric between your genital area and exposure?! How innocent can we reasonably label ourselves to be when we parade the beach, the street, even the church house in clothes that are a very few inches from exposing that which GOD gifted us with for the marital bed?

I have asked myself what was I thinking years ago when I did that very thing?!  An evil heart wanted attention. An evil heart thought I had a hot body and I was quite willing to show it off.  If it caused a man to lust, that was his problem and to my sin sick mind just confirmation to me that I was indeed one hot chick. Oh how grateful I am that GOD was gracious and kind and forgiving and taught me differently!!

Back then I did not know that I was of much more worth than a nice body and there was no one who loved me enough to run the risk of offending me to share with me that I had much more to offer than the size 4 frame I was sporting.

I can hear it now.  If you got it flaunt it! If you’re young show it off.  Have you considered the source of that philosophy? Do you have Chapter and Verse in the Bible that gives you permission to expose to the world what GOD gave you for YOUR HUSBAND – not your fiancé, not your present boyfriend and not everyone in eye vicinity!  And please don’t come back at me yeah but you’re old now, no wonder you no longer wear a bikini, short shorts, plunging necklines and thigh high shirts. No brag, just fact: at 63 I can again wear a size four; I’ve worked hard to get here, but that does not give me the right to wear too short, too low, too tight, too clingy, to show off my hard work. I don’t cover up because it’s saggy and ugly. I dress to please my JESUS and protect from public view what my hubby gratefully knows is reserved only for him.

I saw a picture on Facebook recently. A young woman and a young man (possibly late teens), spring breaking it at the beach with family. I suspect they have an exclusive relationship, albeit not engaged or married yet; and in this picture they are embracing one another for the camera. So what troubles me? Bare skin to bare skin.  Much, much more uncovered than covered.

My question is why? Why do we not ask ourselves why? Why so little clothing?

Scripture tells me I have been bought with a price. Scripture tells me I am a Living Sacrifice for my Savior. Scripture tells me I am to adorn myself in modest apparel. I Cor. 6:20. Romans 12:1. I Timothy 2:9. I Thessalonians 5:17.

So what is modest? Certainly that is open to interpretation but there must be some guidelines in Scripture. Right? Surely the Whole Counsel of GOD contained in Scripture would give us guidelines. Right?

From the Counsel of GOD in His Word, I have arrived at guidelines that keep my soul in peace. I would that all GOD’s women come to live lives filled with His Peace; and modesty is a part of that.

Perhaps if we were face to face you would ask so what are your guidelines. Since we are not, ask anyway via email

If you do nothing else, get your Scripture and prove to yourself the validity or not of modesty and whether or not you are practicing it – your age and the condition of your body must not be the deciding factor. Exalting JESUS is to be our final authority for our clothes and ALL that we say or do in this life.

To Honor You and Care for You ~ ~ ~ Kathie

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