Tiz Kinder, I Think


My Scripture reading this morning was Revelation 2:1-7. Click HERE if you’d like a link to read it. One thought led to another and soon I found myself hearing a word about flaws.

We’ve all used the word, right? She, he has this flaw _________________.
I have this flaw ____________________. 

Free Dictionary dot com gave me some definitions. Here are a few:

An imperfection, often concealed, that impairs soundness. 
A defect or shortcoming in something intangible: The two leaders share the flaw of arrogance.

And just for fun – yes, it’s new to me too:
A quick, intense burst, especially of wind, rain or snow

Who knew? One more.

A feature that mars the perfection of something. 

And so as I read these definitions it confirmed the word I heard while looking at the flaw of the Church in Ephesus and those of someone(s) close and loved. The word flaw seems kinder than other words we might use. Don’t you think? That is why we use it, right? I thought so too, until today. 

Before this morning (and it will again, unless I practice what I preach) when I see flaws in others it just gives rise to one of my own flaws: irritation. But I see something different this morning.

My new definition for flaw: well practiced sin.

Seeing a flaw in him or her or me with this definition brings a new response. A response of prayer for mercy and grace for them and for me. This new definition of flaw doesn’t let me off the hook, I can’t just dismiss the practice (action) as oh well that’s just who I am. Live with it!  And when it’s out there in someone else, with this new definition, rather than irritation, love prevails and so I pray.  Because she who loves does not want a brother or sister or child or spouse bound up in sin, right? 

Flaw. Tiz kinder I think to call it what it is — a well practiced sin. 

No more excuses. Not just a flaw. But a sin I have practiced way too much, and way too long!

ABBA, desiring to call it what it is and pray, for me and for them. To love You and them enough to do the kindest thing, offer mercy, grace and forgiveness instead of irritation and aggravation, no matter what the ‘flaw’ is. I love you, ABBA. Thank You. 

Until Next Time ~ ~ ~ Kathie 

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