Abba, today I am particularly aware of the influence of the media in this present season. You know for sure and I am open to Your correction when my thinking goes awry. I not only invite but deeply desire Your correction; Your guarding of my mind and all of me is a great comfort and is safety for me. In this public place I shall not name the names but You know them; these commentators vex my soul with their blind biases, with their darkened minds and the propaganda they espouse broadcast after broadcast.   Without You to guard and guide our minds we will believe their fallacies and act upon them. Some are so blatant that I get flat-out mad; forgive me and help me pray for them instead.  I pray for an outpouring of Truth. I pray You will take a hand to expose the unfaithful and the unscrupulous and I pray we the people will see through the sensationalism and the political posturing and reject their fatal messages. Millions of eyes will be on the debate tomorrow evening. I pray for truth to be triumphant, and that lies will be glaringly evident and rejected as despicable by the millions that hear them. Abba, thank You that You graciously allowed me to be born here; thank You for the Constitution and Declaration of Independence that You inspired. It is certain this Republic came to be because the Framers depended on You. Thank You for patiently waiting for me to get that; that real independence comes when we are wholly dependent upon You. DADDY GOD, I love this Country and I am asking You to forgive us, spare us and revive us; open our eyes and redeem us for Jesus sake.

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