Digital Heroin (7)

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Abba, it was an alarming read but I am alerted and better informed now.  I don’t want the information to go to waste with me. Will You aid its distribution and may it be that parents and grandparents will heed any warnings You give them in the reading of it. I would that children be set free of these addictions; not only children but adults too. It would be so good, I think, for parents and children to be drawn into face to face personal time together, bonding their souls and hearts in a wholesome way rather than a generation of people be lost in digital fantasy worlds.

I just know that You have plans, good ones, for people in these last days when the souls of men are growing seemingly darker. I pray for the Light of Your Gospel to burgeon in these days and times. Will You kindle the embers of love for Your Word and interest in the hearts of the young and the old? Would you capture the hearts of people to want more than fantasy, but real, honest relationships with each other but first and foremost with You? Thank You for every enlightenment that You bring and I pray I will be faithful with each piece to do just as You will for Jesus Name sake. 

For more information on Digital Heroin click Here.

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