Heroes (8)

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Abba, I am learning more and more that America has had many heroes in her distant and some not so distant past. That reading and learning or maybe some re-learning, has brought me here today to ask You to again raise up Statesmen who will stand uncompromisingly to defend and preserve the Founding Documents and Liberties that I am confident You inspired for Your Glory and the proclamation of the Gospel of Your Dear Son. I am in awe of Your mercy; we have so corrupted Your world and yet You love us and continue to call us to Yourself.

I thank You that You have through honorable people preserved not only Your Word for us but historical events through various documents and media, victories and even defeats that we may learn. Thank You for honest historians, please let not that calling die. Please ensure the safe keeping of truth for all generations to come.

I am rightly alarmed I think with the state of the world and particularly with this Land. Sometimes I am flabbergasted at the raw ignorance of simple human decency and then I am reminded that man without You is depraved. But with You all things become new. You make life worth living; You bring peace and purpose; You bring wisdom and will to make good choices and wise decisions. You just flat-out make life livable with laughing out loud fun and then when hard and bitter things happen You make it bearable; You even redeem it and help others with it when we trust You with it. All this I know because I have seen You do this for me and many others. So I am praying now for this redemption message to be lived out and spoken out and for others to come to know You and love You. Educate us and raise up heroes in this time for Jesus Name Sake I pray.

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