A Washing (13)

Abba, I am here because I think my feet need washing; I have read and heard so much media fodder that I am feeling the filth and I am publicly coming for cleansing because well some of my reading and hearing I have made public. I have ingested more than enough to discern the political climate; the right and the wrong of both scenes and agendas.

Even so I am not buying the lie that we as Your People should be politically silent; I am confessing our lack of participation in the political and public arenas is one of the reasons this Nation You founded is so desperately ill; why I am asking for cleansing is I am overloaded and I need You to balance me. I am confessing that my soul is bleeding for the fate of America. I am so grateful You chose for me to live here in this century for such a time as this and I want to be solid and grounded and balanced to make a holy difference.

You said righteousness exalts a nation and You still have many people in this country that You have made righteous (in position) by the Precious Blood of Your Son and for His sake and ours I am asking You for help for America. I am mindful that You have given every soul born on this planet free will and on November 8 people will exercise their vote. You will be present with every Christian American that does or does not step into that voting booth. I understand that we are all accountable to You for what we do on that day. Some want to separate faith from politics and public living; I know it’s folly from the pit of the evil one, but people have bought into it and I am reeling from the agony of watching this so I am asking for strength and wisdom to stop watching this and commune more with You instead. If there is any soul that You can connect me with that You can touch, that we could come and reason together with so that a righteous decision can be made for November 8 and for all the other days of this life, please let it be and until then let it be that my focus is You.

I’m not asking for a withdrawal just a respite from the inundation of filth, the pandering and all things evil going on in this political season. You know with my passion I need Your help to turn it off and focus on You; to turn the hours to prayer instead. So instead of me trying to inform my world, it is much too big a job for me anyway, I am asking You to step in with Your Mighty Hand as You will so Your Will will be done. I long for Your Rule on this planet instead of man’s. Even so come LORD JESUS and if You would come before November 8 I would like that. And if You tarry, You know best. Thank You, Abba.