Always (9)

Thank You, Abba, for food, music, laughter and friends all in one evening. Thank You for manual labor and a sense of accomplishment; for flowers and breezes and wind chimes. You made a lovely world for us to inhabit. Thank You for Your Word that is more update that tomorrow’s breaking news. And as this evening is waning and not much media has reached my ears it’s been refreshing. Thank You that You never sleep and You are always present, always with us. 

Heroes (8)

Abba, I am learning more and more that America has had many heroes in her distant and some not so distant past. That reading and learning or maybe some re-learning, has brought me here today to ask You to again raise up Statesmen who will stand uncompromisingly to defend and preserve the Founding Documents and Liberties that I am confident You inspired for Your Glory and the proclamation of the Gospel of Your Dear Son. I am in awe of Your mercy; we have so corrupted Your world and yet You love us and continue to call us to Yourself.

I thank You that You have through honorable people preserved not only Your Word for us but historical events through various documents and media, victories and even defeats that we may learn. Thank You for honest historians, please let not that calling die. Please ensure the safe keeping of truth for all generations to come.

I am rightly alarmed I think with the state of the world and particularly with this Land. Sometimes I am flabbergasted at the raw ignorance of simple human decency and then I am reminded that man without You is depraved. But with You all things become new. You make life worth living; You bring peace and purpose; You bring wisdom and will to make good choices and wise decisions. You just flat-out make life livable with laughing out loud fun and then when hard and bitter things happen You make it bearable; You even redeem it and help others with it when we trust You with it. All this I know because I have seen You do this for me and many others. So I am praying now for this redemption message to be lived out and spoken out and for others to come to know You and love You. Educate us and raise up heroes in this time for Jesus Name Sake I pray.

Digital Heroin (7)

Abba, it was an alarming read but I am alerted and better informed now.  I don’t want the information to go to waste with me. Will You aid its distribution and may it be that parents and grandparents will heed any warnings You give them in the reading of it. I would that children be set free of these addictions; not only children but adults too. It would be so good, I think, for parents and children to be drawn into face to face personal time together, bonding their souls and hearts in a wholesome way rather than a generation of people be lost in digital fantasy worlds.

I just know that You have plans, good ones, for people in these last days when the souls of men are growing seemingly darker. I pray for the Light of Your Gospel to burgeon in these days and times. Will You kindle the embers of love for Your Word and interest in the hearts of the young and the old? Would you capture the hearts of people to want more than fantasy, but real, honest relationships with each other but first and foremost with You? Thank You for every enlightenment that You bring and I pray I will be faithful with each piece to do just as You will for Jesus Name sake. 

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Father, I need Your help. Lies are rampant and the ones telling them are many. Your Word tells me what time I am afraid to trust in You, so I am. I am so grateful when my soul is reeling from the onslaughts of filth that You comfort me and You draw me back to trust. Keep my focus upward on You and not these surroundings. I know nothing of the future, what will happen, who will do what but of this I am certain You are my GOD, You are my Father and You are good, and I am safe trusting You. 

What is that Scripture? Yes, that’s the one.

You are our refuge and strength; You are ever-present (every moment, not one split second is Your attention diverted from us. You are) with us in all these troubles. So we shall not be afraid even if all the earthly stabilizers we count on give way, even if the mountains (all our heroes) tumble into the depths of the sea (and we see them no more); even if the waters (floods of filth and hypocrisy) rage and foam and the mountains (of virtue) shake at its turbulence. Even so by Your grace and with Your help, we will still trust You. We choose to wait in confidence for the outcomes of all things dear to us because all things good are possible with You. You are great and awesome and on this night we give You praise on the merits of Jesus our Savior, Your Only Son.

(1) God is our refuge and strength,
an ever-present help in trouble.
(2) Therefore we are unafraid,
even if the earth gives way,
even if the mountains tumble
into the depths of the sea,
(3) even if its waters rage and foam,
and mountains shake at its turbulence. source Psalms 46 

Love, Kathie 


Abba, You know I am here fresh from watching a DVR-ed episode of Blue Bloods. A television program; actors playing a part; writers and producers offering 43 minutes of entertainment; entertainment that often these days purposes itself to shape we the people. To tell us how to see the world; to give us a world view through the lens of their eyes.

In this episode that Momma didn’t want her son to be a cop because people don’t like cops these days she said. That doesn’t take acting. Media tells me there are people, how many I don’t know but You do; people who fear cops, who hate them, who want to kill them or at the very least are suspicious of them. That Momma was afraid her son wanted to be a cop because his Dad had been and he had given his life doing his job. And now her son was 21 and about to graduate the academy; he wanted to take up the gantlet. She was scared. I understand the script; I get that emotion. I get the emotion that says no it’s too dangerous to be a cop; too much abuse and too little respect for the law these days in America. It’s just a television show but that television show brings me to You.

It brings me here to pray for police officers all over this United States of America. It’s a special calling I think, being a police officer. Life tells us there is corruption throughout the world and it settles in the hearts of well I don’t know how many, You do. And life tells us there are corrupt police officers, how many we don’t know, but You do. And so I would that You would weed out the corrupt ones and give them the chance to repent and the others who are doing their jobs, imperfectly, because we all do our jobs imperfectly, all but You; I ask You to protect them. And not only protect them but help them make snap decisions with wisdom and when they get it wrong help them forgive themselves and keep on doing the very best job they know how to do. And for the spouses, the children, the grandchildren, the parents, brothers, sisters; family of these officers I pray they will lean on You; that they will find peace and courage in You. And I pray people will come alongside at just the right time to offer help and encouragement and a timely word from You not just when times are tough but when they are good too.

I pray You will also change the hearts of people who look at police officers with suspicion, fear and hatred. Help us to respect them and their badges. Help us trust their training and to cooperate with them when we are asked. I pray You will do a work in the police departments of America; that You, Holy Spirit, will visit every last one of them and make Yourself known for Jesus sake.