Matthew (12)

Abba, I am here to gather with any brother or sister who will join us to pray for people in the path of Matthew, a powerful storm; a storm that promises billions of dollars in property damage. As people temporarily move from the path of the storm and those who stay, I pray for safety, for reason and courtesy to rule their souls. I pray they will seek Your peace and comfort. I trust You to work what is meant for evil to be turned for good for anyone who will ask You and believe You. I have seen You again and again turn what was meant to cause harm and devastation to be turned to better than what was. I pray for practical provisions to be provided in the aftermath and that Your goodness will prevail in the lives of every person affected by this storm.  

Come Clean (11)

Abba, more and more corruption is being questioned and suspected to have been committed by the governmental bodies of America; I am concerned about it; I care about it. It is serious to me. I am here interceding and asking You to get all up in America’s corruption business; to expose and deal with the perpetrators, the conspirators, the enablers, those abetting and those refusing to tell the truth.  I know You are merciful; I know You do not desire any human to perish not even these I am bringing to You now.  For Your own Name sake I am asking You to pour out Your Holy Spirit of conviction and repentance. Neither do I want these people to perish; my spirit would soar with elation if they would come to repentance and come clean with You and we the people; yet they will never do this without Your mercy and grace; without Your convicting power upon them and so for this I am asking You to show Your Mighty Hand.