Neutral (10)

I’m so glad You are not neutral, Abba. I’m so glad You take sides and thank You that I get to take sides too; I pray the side I take will consistently be the side You take – Righteousness. That neither family, friend or foe will influence or convince me to side with evil whether it involves choices in music, movies, clothing, toys, food, drink, entertainment, politics, morality, life, death, all things surrounding this earthly journey. Thank You for Your Word that reveals Righteousness relative to all things. You have left nothing out. You have left nothing for us to figure out on our own; You tell us. Thank You. 

I believe the choice I have made for November is as right as can be made given our choices. And personally I’d like for millions and millions of people to make that same choice but I can’t choose for them and neither will You. Free choice is an amazing gift You have given us. I am glad You did. Life gets hard when we the people make wrong choices; even so I am grateful for Your gift of free will.  All I know to ask is that people be willing to make the right choice. This I know if more wrong choices are made than right choices we the people will suffer but You will be faithful to Your people. So in You I rest. You are not neutral in these choices You are asking us to make, I pray we choose You.